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In Romania, the general population is facing quite a lot of challenges. A lot of corruption is happening, which cause economic and social challenges for the Romanian women as well as men.

More and more of the Romanian population, as a result, are looking for love in a foreign country – and it continues to get easier to do so.

Internet is widely spread out in Romania, and pretty much everyone has access to it. This enables women (and men) to register on a Romanian dating website, and then try to find a new life abroad – with a loving man!

In this article I will share with you the best ways to meet Romanian women, and how you can increase your chance of succes greatly.

The best Romanian dating sites to meet Romanian women


5999+ online

ALOT of Romanian Women registered
One of the biggest foreign dating sites
Hundreds of new members every day
Can be used for free or paid

3658+ online

More than 1000+ Romanian women
Website is majorily with Russian women
Millions of very beautiful members
Can be used for free or paid

Why these sites to meet Romanian women?

There are literally hundreds of websites for you to choose from, when you want to try and find yourself a Romanian woman.  All of them vary alot in quality and especially present different chances for succes for you to actually find what you’re looking for.

These websites have been chosen for a variety of reason. The most important one is, that it is very possible for you to find and engage in communication with Romanian women – and it’s therefore very likely that you can also end up being in a relationship with one.

Below here you can read more detailed about why these websites have been chosen, their benefits and features – and why you should absolutely choose one of these, if you’re looking for Romanian women.


InternationalCupid is probably one of your best bets to find an abundance of Romanian women to get in touch with. I did a search on the website to see exactly how many women are there from Romania, and the number is astounding. I searched fom Romanian women WITH a profile picture, and the result showed more than 1000+ registered profiles. Almost all of the profiles on the first page showed as being newly registered.

One of the great things about this website is, that if you register a profile (which is free), and upload a profile picture, you can actually look at all of the other pictures in a bigger format. I find that pretty nice, as there is definitely alot of beautiful women on the website, also from Romania.

The total amount of members is more than 4.000.000 and alot of them are actually active quite a lot. I’d say at any given time of the day, you’ll find AT LEAST 3.000 members online which is pretty nice.

With all this activity, you can also download their smartphone application, which allows you keep exhanging messages, even when you’re not on your computer. The app is very easy to use, and it is very effective in messaging.

The website is owned and operated by a company called CupidMedia. They are a company who operates alot of international online dating websites, which is very much to your advantages. Their websites are high quality, and you are always sure to find thousands and thousands of members on their website. Try to have a look at the success stories as well, it is pretty inspiring to read.


RussianCupid may not sound like an obvious choice when it comes to meeting Romanian women, but upon closer inspecting, there are ALOT of them on here. I did the same search as on InternationalCupid, and the result also showed more than 1000+ registered profiles, which I’d say is more than enough. Here aswell alot of the profiles on the first page had been registered very recently.

One of the nice things about this website is, that you’ll find a HUGE amount of VERY beautiful Russian women on here. I don’t say it to exaggerate – because there is really a surprising amount of very beautiful women on there. If you want to see for yourself, you can log in to the website click on search –> popular searches and then choose either “Most popular”, “Russian bikini babes photo gallery” or even try the “Glamorous Russian women photo gallery” – I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

you have to create a profile before you can try these seearches, but it’s 100% free. If you upload your own profile picture, you can even see pictures on other profiles in big format, which is definitely worth it. It’s a great way to have a look and see if it might be worth to you, to start messaging some people and establish connections with Romanian women.

This website also has an app you can use on your smartphone. In my experience, it’s a great tool to keep staying connected with the women you’re in contact with. It’s a great way to make a deeper connection faster than if you’d have to stay on your computer to exchange messages.

Romanian women are independent, beautiful and pretty down to earth

The first thing I want to tell you about women from Romania, is probably one that you have noticed as well. They are incredibly beautiful. The end.

In addition, it is definitely worth mentioning the advantage you could have, if you would begin a dating-fairytale with Romanian women. A lot of Romanian men (of course, not all of them) have a kind of old/traditional view of what it means to be man and woman together. One could even argue, that it may even be quite a traditional view, than compared to us in the United States and in the western world.

This fact can mean, that you’d have a significant advantage if you where to go to Romania and try dating as a foreigner. You would quite possibly be viewed as attractive, just for the fact that you’re a foreigner (not necessarily because you may have more money than the local guys).

If you are lucky enough to get a Romanian woman on “the hook”, you’d find a strong, loyal and dedicated woman. Sound pretty good, right?

Furthermore Romanian girls are said to be very open-minded, easy-going, caring and quite imaginative. Of course it is different for all women, but in general women from Romania are great partners and love to share special moments with their loved one(s).

Romanian dating tips to enhance your chances of meeting Romanian women

All in all there are many things you can do in order to increase your chances of finding a Romanian woman and to establish a relationship with her. First of all, I’d very much suggest you to find an online dating website. Here you can search specifically for women from Romania. Furthermore, if it’s an international dating site such as the ones listed at the top, she will most likely be pretty interested in moving to somewhere abroad. Otherwise she most likely would’nt be on an international dating website.

So when you’ve done that, it’s time to improve and make your profile in such a way, that it can actually work for you. It can work for you even when you’re not online, if you do it well enough – and all you have to do is follow my tips.

Make your profile appealing. The purpose of your profile is basically to “sell you”, or make you as interesting as possible to those who visits your profile. If your profile is empty, with no text about yourself or no pictures, chances are that pretty much everyone will leave your profile, and check one out that is more interesting. You could say that you’re in a competition with other men for the attention and the profile-visits, so it’s important to try and keep it.

Most online dating websites delivers the option for you to fill in all kinds of information about yourself, being physical traits or your personality traits. I’d advice you to fill in all of them. When the Romanian women are on your profile, they should get enough information about you to kind of make a picture of what you look like and also what kind of person you are in your daily life.

You will also have a place for your profile text, in which you can put pretty much anything you want. This is a great place to explain something about yourself in more detail, to try and entice your visitors. Try to think about what your really special personality traits are, or whatever may seem very interesting/unique in a positive way. Share a story, what you like to do in your weekends, your favourite spare time activities etc. You know yourself best, and the floor is yours. Remember that you don’t necessarily need to have it perfect right away. You can easily edit along the way, as you may think of some things that are better or more interesting to write.

Get noticed by the Romanian women. I do have a few tips for you on how you can get more attention, and thereby more visitors to your profile. The key to this is your profile-picture, the most important picture on your profile.

It is the very first thing that women will see, even before they go onto your profile. You could say it’s the attention grabber. In my experience, what works the best is a high-quality and good face picture, or at least a picture from your shoulders and up. I would not recommend using a picture showing your full body for your profile-picture. When your profile appears in the search results, you want to attract the attention of the women that find you attractive, or at least the ones that would get interesting in finding out more about you. You will much easier get the attention of these women, if they are able to see your face, with a great smile on it of course!

For the rest of your pictures, you can use a variety of them. What I like to do, is to use pictures from different situations, like from a recent vacation/trip, a restaurant visit, a bike-ride in some nice sorroundings. There is plenty of situations in where you can take a picture. If you don’t really have much of such pictures, see if you can have a family member or a friend help you out with taking some for you. It can work wonders!

Purchase a premium-membership for yourself. Sure, it’d be much better if a membership subscription was not needed. But, in reality, without one your options and possibilities are quite limited.

Almost every online dating site – at least the serious ones, and the ones in where you can meet Romanian women, you have to have a membership subscription in order to either send or read your messages. Unless the one you are communicating with has one. 

You may as well take control and get a membership for yourself. This will allow you to send and exhange messages with ALL of the members that you possibly can, and this will definitely increase your chances of success by alot. Usually it is not too expensive either, at least compared to what you might end up with – a new Romanian partner. Usually you can get membership for as little as 20$ for one month or so, depending on how long a period you purchase your membership for.

Besides having the epic opportunity to get in touch with ALL of the Romanian women you possibly can, there is also some other benefits that will come with it. Your space in the search results will be bigger and you will be seen easier. There will be no advertisements on the website, and some other benefits. The most important is the one to sent messages, obviously.

I actually encourage you to start conversations with multiple Romanian women as well – untill it gets a bit more serious, then you’d want to stick with that of course. There can be many reasons as to why a conversations doesn’t begin, or why it ends at some point, and there’s no reaason dwelling on it. Maybe you or she loses interest, finds something that is better or simply loses faith in the website, the reasons can be many. The more conversations you have going, the bigger are your chances of finding a beautiful Romanian woman to develop a relationship with.



Owner at MeetForeignWomen

I have a recommendation for you, if you want to meet Romanian women. I think you should try the website called: InternationalCupid. Click and sign up, and you will meet more than 4.500.000 members. Contact as many as you can!


5999+ online

ALOT of Romanian Women registered
One of the biggest foreign dating sites
Hundreds of new members every day
Can be used for free or paid

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