Russian Women – How to find & date them

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If you, like MANY others, are interested in Russian Women, you are at the right place. In this article I provide you with knowledge about Russian women and where/how to begin your russian dating adventure.

With the internet becoming more and more available throughout all parts of Russia, it is getting much easier for Russian women to begin their abroad dating adventure.

In this article you will learn a little about what Russian women are like, their culture, how you can achieve success with your Russian dating and meet Russian women.

Best Russian Dating Sites to meet Russian women


3658+ online

Site with MOST Russian Women
Website is majorily with Russian women
Millions of very beautiful members
Can be used for free or paid

5999+ online

ALOT of Russian Women registered
One of the biggest foreign dating sites
Hundreds of new members every day
Can be used for free or paid

2998+ online

1000+ registered Russian Women
Website is mainly with Ukrainian focus
Browse millions of world-wide profiles!
Can be used for free or paid

Why these Russian dating sites?

Russian dating and online dating is not exactly new phenomenons. The amount of websites/companies providing such services are enormous and the supply/demand increase every single day. It can be pretty challenging to find the website that gives you the best experience, and the best chance of succeeding with your russian dating adventure.

These websites have been chosen because they provide their users with a genuine experience, and your chances of meeting russian women is pretty good – if you make an effort for it, of course. Below here you can read more about each website.


RussianCupid is definitely one of the best, if not the best choice for meeting russian women. The website boasts of having more than 2.000.000 members registered which is definitely alot, but of course not all of  them are russian women.

Website is run by a trustworthy and respected online dating company. They own and operate alot of dating websites, connection thousands of people all over the world. They know what they are doing and how to operate a great dating website. Your guarantee for a good experience.

The most important factor for this website making it on the list, is that it contains a giant amount of female russian members, who are ready to make contact with other people. I would say you can find thousands of members online at any givent point of day, where the majority of them of course are from Russia, or originated from Russia. You will also find alot of women from Ukraine in here.

One of the cooler features of the website is of course the high quality of the members. You can also make different searches – for example you can go to Search –> Popular searches. Here you can choose to search for Most popular, in my area, latest photos. They also have 2 galleries which are definitely worth checking out – Russian Bikini Babes Gallery and Glamorous Russian Woman Gallery. You will not regret it


InternationalCupid is one of the biggest international online dating websites, and you will find THOUSANDS of beautiful russian women on this platform. One of my favourite things about this website is – apart from finding lots of russian women, you can find beautiful women from all over the world. All in the same place.

Upon searching for Russian Women aged 18-60 WITH a picture, the result says there are more than 1000+ registered profiles. All of the profiles on the first page are either online and online + newly registered. Looks like the amount of russian women on here are increasing every single day.

You can also check out all of their success stories – small stories from former members who has found their special someone and found love on this website. It’s great to read, and shows that everyone can find something special on here. The success stories comes from all over the world.

All in all you can find more than 4.000.000 registered members on InternationalCupid. This is also one of my favourite things about this website. Every time you come online, you will find so many new members you have never seen before – making it a great place to explore and connect with people from all over the planet.


Another great, perhaps a little over-looked website for meeting russian women is UkraineDate. The website itself does not have as much activity and members as the two above one, however there are still alot of active members every day, and more are joining in. While writing this article there is just about 1000 members online, which I think is pretty normal throughout all day.

I did a search for women aged 18-60 from Russia WITH a picture. Again, the result shows more than 1000+ registered members with these criteria – and everyone on the first page has the badge which shows they are newly registered.

A little fun fact: It seems that just about every female member on here is extremely beautiful, and it’s not just the women from Russia. All of them.

One reason that alot of Russian women have registered here on UkraineDate could be that Ukraine and Russia are very close to each other geographically, and shares some history with one another. It’s definitely worth to check out!

What are Russian women like?

Of course it’s not possible to describe all russian women the same way, in such a generalize way. Here I will try to explain some of my “observations” when I have been around and with russian women – maybe you can recognize some of it?

Generally russian women are considered to be very beautiful. Long legged with brown/blonde hair, and a look some women would be jealous of.

I would also say that alot of russian women are equipped with a pretty straightforward personality. You will not be able to “cut corners” with your russian lady. With her being independent, I wouldn’t recommend you to try either.

Also – the food is a great thing to mention. Russian women (and their babushkas) will be able to make great food, and lots of it. If you’re ever going to visit your russian woman’s mother/grandmother, I’d recommend you to not wear a tight belt. You will most likely be served a ton of delicious food!

One last thing – alot of russian women have a great sense of fashion and dressing as well. From big fur-coats to dresses that look incredible, you can pretty much expect to be somewhat underdressed, in the company of your fashion-expert of a russian partner

You want a Russian women for marriage?

Then you are in luck, or at least very soon could be. On the above websites, there are seemingly alot of women who are either interested in finding their true love/a long lasting relationship, which alot of times include marriage.

Now, there can also be various benefits of marrying your Russian woman. If you are not married, it can very well provde to be harder for her to move to your location. Of course depending on the various local immigration laws – but in my experience and at least where I am, it is much easier when you’re married.

I’d recommend you to get some legal counsel beforehand though, as law and regulations can be a pretty difficult area to understand. There can also be quite some consequences by doing the wrong things, so it’s much better to get it right from the beginning.

On the majority of the females profiles on the above russian dating sites, you can actually see detailed descriptions of what they are looking for. I know I’ve certainly seen many who are looking for marriage.

Things to remember when adventuring into Russian Dating

Unless you are an absolute catch, arm yourself with patience. There are A LOT of men on the dating sites as well as women. It will take some time, in order to find the right woman with whom you want to proceed communication. Fill your profile with information and pictures thoroughly, and it could help quite a bit. The women on the sites wants to read and see who you are.

Do you think it’s possible to find, message, engage in conversation and develop a form of relationship, all within one month?

I can tell you, it’s highly unlikely. Unless you got all the time in the world.

Get some decent pictures taken

For your profile picture, I would definitely recommend having a picture which shows you from upperbody/shoulders and then your face. Think about this: When russian women are searcing for profiles, the profile pictures in the search results are relatively small. If you are showing yourself fully-figured, it is relatively hard to see what you look like. At this point, women may just click another profile instead, where it is easier to see what the person looks like – allowing them to determine quickly, if they’re interested or not.

Acquire a paid membership

It may seem to be a better (definitely cheaper) option to roll with a free membership. You can do alot with one of those, but not the most important things…For example – with a paid membership, you can send as MANY messages to as many women as you possibly can. They don’t have to have membership or anything, you can just write them. Take control and get a membership – increase your chance of success with russian dating!

Do you want to save some money in the process?

Then I recommend you to get a membership for at least 3 months to begin with. It may seem cheaper to get just one, but in the majority of cases, you will need more than 1 month to have developed some kind of relationship.

So imagine this. You’re conversing really well with a beautiful Russian lady. Your 1 month membership is about to end, and you have to get another month, if you want to continue this conversation. So you renew it with one more month.

Now you will have spent the same amount of money, as if you had bought a 3 month membership to begin with. Might as well get one more month for free, right?

Good luck with your Russian Dating!



Owner at MeetForeignWomen

I have a recommendation for you, if you want to meet Russian women. I think you should try the website called: RussianCupid. Click and sign up, and you will meet more than 2.930.000 members. Contact as many as you can!


3658+ online

Site with MOST Russian Women
Website is majorily with Russian women
Millions of very beautiful members
Can be used for free or paid

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