Filipino Women – the beautiful women from the Philippines

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The Philippines is a large country consisting of alot of islands – actually more than 7100 islands. The capitol of the Philippines is Manilla, located in southern Luzon. Currently there is a population of about 108.000.000 Filippinos, which is alot and definitely makes for alot of Filipino women.

Now, the standard of living in the Philippines is definitely not the same as in e.g. Europe, Australia, Canada and in the United States of America. The quality of living is significantly lower, and your money goes along way, if you ever decide to go to the Philippines. The average annual income of an average family in the Philippines is about 5.000 USD.

Alot of Filipino women (perhaps due to standard of living?) decide to try and find love somewhere else, in another country. The internet is actually pretty widespread and can generally be accessed by most of the population, which makes it alot easier to start their online international dating adventure.


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