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In this article you will learn more about Thai women, how to engage in Thai dating, and why they might want to meet foreign men.

It’s becoming increasingly popular for foreign men to date Thai women. This is nothing new – however it’s has previously been connected to a form of taboo and filled with prejudice. Some have perhaps thought that the Thai woman was bought, or just went into a relationship with a white foreign guy, because he has money. Luckily, these are just prejudice and far from the overall truth.

Thai women, and generally Asian girls, appreciate their culture and traditions a lot. Besides that, western men (European as well as American men) are highly valued by women with a Thai origin. Some women look at western men as being “real men”, whom can do housework, is helpful and empathic.

It’s highly appreciated if you help out with potential kids, as well as ordinary chores and house-work.

The best thai dating sites to meet thai women


4447+ online

The biggest Thai Women datingsite
Hundreds of new members every day
Most members are very detailed
Can be used for free and paid

5669+ online

Asian women from all over the world
Huge site with 4.500.000+ profiles
Alot of very active members
Can be used for free and paid

5999+ online

Very big site with women from all over the world
One of the cheapest premium-memberships
Members profiles are often very detailed
Can be used for free or paid

These above websites are your best choices when it comes to dating and meeting Thai women. Just the huge amount of members on all 3 websites is incredible, and your chances of meeting someone special is therefore pretty good.

Keep reading below here, to get a more detailed description of the websites, features, and why they are a good choice for your thai dating adventures.

Why are these Thai dating sites chosen to meet Thai women?

First if all, one of the biggest factors in including these websites, is the amount of active female members. The more there are, the better are your chances of finding someone special to connect with.

The websites have been chosen as they provide you a huge chance of success in meeting thai women. That is actually the most important thing when choosing a thai dating website – can you succeed and meet a lovely thai woman?

These websites are run by a professional company, that focuses on providing high-quality online dating websites for users, and these 3 websites are prime examples of their work.  


ThaiCupid may seem like the most obvious choice when it comes to meeting and dating thai women, and that’s because… Well it is. First of all it is a website focusing om Thai dating, which means that the majority of women on here are of Thai origins, someway or another.

The amount of members on here is staggering, considering it is mainly focusing on Thai dating. Upon accessing the website, they proclaim to have more than 3.000.000 members – of course not all of them being thai women, but still…that is quite impressive.

On here you will find thai women in all ages. From young 18 year olds that wants to have an adventure abroad, or more mature thai women that are looking for their last partner and complete stability.

There are some great features on this website too. First of all you can easily search and filter through the millions of members, to find the ones that are relevant for you. Furthermore you can go to Search –> Popular searches –> and then search for most popular members, newest members, in my area, a gallery of thai women in bikinies, and a gallery with glamouros thai women. You will not regret looking through those wink


Even though the name suggests dating for Asians in general, you will be surprised with the amount of Thai women that are found on this website. No doubt that it’s definitely enough, for even the pickiest of men!

Granted, not the majority of women are from Thailand. There are women from Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Singapore, Combodja, and much more. In my experience, the majority of the female members are from the Philippines. BUT! As I was writing this article, I wanted to prove to you, just how many Thai women are on here..

I did a search on AsianDating. To make it realistic, I chose women aged 18-60 and their profile has to have at least 1 picture. The search result showed more than 1000+ members, which just means that there are too many to show the actual number. All of the women on the first page had a badge that said “new”, which shows that thai women are joining this website rapidly.

Upon inspecting alot of these thai women profiles, I could see that alot of them (the majority in fact) are also open to relocating to another country. How great is that?


Even though this website is simply a “normal” international dating website, you can be very sure, that the amount of thai women on here are more than enough.

I like to use this website alot, as you can find so many women from all parts of the world. Just be sure that there are plenty of women from Thailand here as well, I did the same search as above. The search results showed the same – more than 1000+ profiles found, and most of the members on the first page was either online and/or had been newly registered. Should be enough, right?

One of the best arguments for registering on here compared to the above ones is, that you can find women from all over the world, and not just Thailand/the Asian parts. The amount of members on here are more than 4.000.000, which is just incredible and hard to grasp.

I’d recommend you to read some of the success stories, to get some inspiration before you register. It’s pretty nice to see that alot of people have already had great success with this website, which basically means that you can too.

What are thai women like?

Of course every thai woman is different and not the same as anyone else, but I will here try to explain some of the general and cultural aspects that are important to many Thai women.

As with most women, alot of thai women are very passionate about their family – be it parents or siblings. They are very appreciate about their culture, which can vary depending on where from Thailand she is.

Generally speaking she will take care of her family in any way she can. In alot of areas in Thailand, women/man relationships can be more traditional, compared to other places. Which means that it is likely normal for the woman to stay at home and clean/make the house nice/take care of the children etc., while the man goes to work and brings in the money, in a nice and valued balance.

Depending on where you are from, your hard earned money is most likely worth alot to a thai woman. Not that you should necessarily give it to her, but if you support her family with some (if she has family in Thailand), you will be greatly appreciated.

Thai women for marriage?

There are many great reasons for marrying a thai woman and making her your wife. Depending on where you are from, you may need to update yourself on the laws regarding it as well, to avoid any bad surprises.

Immigration laws are of course very different from country to country, so before you marry and want to have your Thai wife move in with you, I’d highly suggest you to look more into it, or even consult a lawyer in the area if needed. Laws are a complicated area, and mistakes can be very costly – worst case scenario, that your wife has to leave the country or something like that.

From my experiences on the websites mentioned above, there is an abundance of thai women who are looking for marriage. Alot of them also write in their profile, that they are looking for their one and only soulmate and to get married. Which is kind of nice in my opinion – you may as well be open about what your intentions are!

When you are marrying your thai woman, there are most likely several benefits when it comes to living together and having her come to your country. I’m not giving legal advice, but I know that here where I live, it is much easier to get your thai woman to come live with you, if you are legally married.

Looking for mature thai women that are seeking men?

If you, as many other people do, are looking for mature thai women, these websites are definitely also for you. There are plenty (and i mean plenty) of mature thai women seeking men on these websites. Let me demostrate with these searches – I will only search for women aged 40+ WITH pictures:

ThaiCupid – 1000+ women found

AsianDating – 1000+ women found

InternationalCupid – 1000+ women found

In short: If you’re looking for mature thai women seeking men, these are definitely the choises for you. Keep in mind also, that all of the profile the searches came up with, only includes profiles with one or more pictures. Go have a look, and see if you can find any beautiful mature thai women

Tips for people serious about meeting Thai women with Thai dating 

The first thing you have to do in order to begin thai dating online, is to find a thai dating website. There are plenty of sites to choose from, and here we have provided you with some of the best. There are a few things you can do, to further increase your chances of success greatly, when you’ve chosen the website you want to use.

Your profile must be as entertaining and interesting as possible. If a thai women clicks onto your profile and it’s completely empty, chances are she will leave it again very quickly. There is simply no reason to stay on it. That doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to offer, but you have to explain what you can offer on your profile.

First of all you should fill out all of the boxes/fields that the website asks you to. Usually this will be your physical traits such as height, weight, hair color, eye color, body type and so forth. This will not take long to fill in, so might as well do it, to give the visitors a better understanding of you. 

Besides the physical traits, you can also fill out your so called ‘profile text’. Here you decide what to write. I’d say it’s a good idea to write something unique about yourself – which could be many things. You could for instance write about your hobbies, something about your work, what you like to do in the weekends, where do you like to travel. You know yourself best, so dig deep, and type out whats unique about you.

Get some decent profile pictures. Don’t use pictures that are decades old – let the thai women see what you actually look like. There is no reason to “disguise” yourself in anyway, if you want to have a serious relationship. On your profile picture I would recommend you to have a picture showing you from your shoulders and up including your face. 

Imagine that your profile will be presented in the search results with plenty of other men. Alot of people show a full-figure profile picture, but it can be difficult to actually see the person decently. If you put on a face picture, the female members can easily see what you look like and click onto your profile, if they find your looks interesting.

For your other pictures, I would definitely include a variety of pictures, including full profile ones. Get some pictures of you in different situations, from vacations, doing spare-time activies, having a meal on a restaurant etc. There are plenty of choices. Pro-tip: Don’t use a face picture taken from a frogs perspective. No need to show off your hard-earned double-chin

Acquire a membership. It might seem like a preferred choice to go at it for free. In my experience, the advantages and benefits far outweigh the cost of a membership, which is relatively cheap, considering what you might get out of it. The most important thing about a membership is, that you can send an unlimited amount of letters, to all of the thai women that you possibly can. It is also a good idea to write to more than 1 woman I would say. It takes a decent amount of tries before you really connect with someone and then continue building on your connection.

Without a membership, you can most likely not get in touch with anyone – unless they themselves have a membership. Don’t limit yourself like that, it will make it much harder to get in a real conversation with anyone. There are also other benefits of having a membership, but this one is the most important.



Owner at MeetForeignWomen

I have a recommendation for you, if you want to meet Thai women. I think you should try the website called: ThaiCupid. Click and sign up, and you will meet more than 4.970.000 members. Contact as many as you can!


4447+ online

The biggest Thai Women datingsite
Hundreds of new members every day
Most members are very detailed
Can be used for free and paid

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