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In this modern world, it has never been easier to meet and start dating French women. In fact, as you are currently on this website, you have never been closer to meeting your lucky special woman from France.

In this article you’ll learn fo the best places to meet French women, what they are like and lastly, some tips for you to implement which will increase your chances of succes greatly.

French women are known for many things – such as their lovely fashion sense, GREAT accents when speaking English, for being beautiful and much more. I’m sure you can think of some yourself.

Unless you are physically able to go to France and meet some French women, there are some recommendations for you below here. You can meet thousands of French women on there, all within the comfort of sitting on your couch.

The best community to meet French Women


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Why this website to meet French women?

Dating websites often have all kinds of different features and benefits available on their website, which is all great. There is one single thing, which is the most important, if you want to successfully meet French women. That is the actual possibility to do so, and that requires the website to have lots of women registered from France. 

The more French women there are on the website, the better are your chances of successfully engaging in conversation with one, and thereby you ability to establish a relationship with her.

Below here you can read more about why InternationalCupid is an excellent choice for you, if you want to meet Women from France and all over the world.


InternationalCupid is definitely one of the biggest and most popular international dating websites. Upon accessing the front page, they say to have more than 4.000.000 members from all over the world, which is pretty impressive.

And believe me, there are PLENTY of French women as well. To be sure, I did a search on the website while writing this. I searched for women currently in France, WITH one or more profile pictures, aged 18-60. The result showed more than 1000+ profiles, and alot of them had been registered recently. By the looks of it, alot of French women are joining this website, in order to find someone special.

You could also go for Tinder or some local online dating community/website in France, but here’s where it gets interesting, as you are most likely not living in France. They have registered on an international website, so they are most likely very interested in relocating to another country. Otherwise, why would they be on an international site?

If you ever want to meet women from somewhere else than France, this website is definitely for you as well. There are hundreds of thousands of women, or even millions of women, from all over the world. They are all looking for their special someone to connect with and form a relationship.

There are also an impressive amount of women who has put up one or more profile pictures on their profile, which is pretty great to look at, while you read their information about them. Oh, and you can use their highly user-friendly smartphone application. This allows you to effectively keep your conversations going, even while you’re not on the computer!

What are French women like?

It is no secret, that French women generally are beautiful, pretty and sexy as well. Furthermore, for the most part, they’re quite practical as well, and straightforward. (You will know if you did something wrong, and she may very well fix it herself)

A French woman will most likely bring up her children to be kind and polite, as she will be herself. It can be quite important for a French woman to appear classy, polite and a human with high standards and quality.

For the record; have you ever heard a woman speaking English with a French accent?

That is something which can smelt the heart of any man.

Eating a good dinner and drinking some delicious wine is a big thing in the culture of France. It’s very common to have dinner as part of being social – also for single women and single men to have dinner, even though it’s not a date. 

That being said, French women are definitely very romantic and feeling women. If you behave and act like a gentlemen, are kind, loving and empathetic, you already have scored lots of points with French women. Of course, you have to be genuine and sincere – or she will most likely notice it.

French women are also very much go-getters in their daily life. An obstacle has to be very, very big, for it to stop a French woman in achieving her goals. Both career- and personal goals, such as starting a family.

Tips that will increase your success in meeting French women

Unless you have the option to physically make your way to France, your options on meeting French women are pretty much limited to online dating. So that’s what I will be basing these tips on – how you can maximize your chance of succes, and actually find a French woman in pretty much no time. It’s easier than you might think, as there are plenty of them..

Register on a dating website, and acquire a membeship. It might not seem to be very attracting for you to get a membership, but the benefits of that is just too good to ignore. On most online dating websites, you basically cannot get in contact with anyone, unless you purchase a membership. Which means you probably cannot send a message, or read messages, unless you have a premium/paid membership. This alone is a huge barrier, as you’d have to find French women that already have one such subscription.

It’s much better if YOU take control of the situation, and get one. With a membership, you can write to ALL of the women that you possibly can or want to. This alone will increase your chances of succeess significantly, as you are actually able to get into communication with a woman.

There are some other benefits mostly with a paid subscription, such as removal of advertisements, extra profile space in the search results etc., which are all pretty nice too. These are not as important as the unlimited communication, but still worthwhile.

Usually the price of a membership is not too bad. Especially if you consider what you might get out of it – in my opinion, spending 100$ on a membership for 3-6 months or something like that, is definitely worth it when it is literally allowing you to communicate with tonnes of beautiful French women.

Pictures speak alot of words. The quote is not exactly that, but pictures do say and can help your chances of succes greatly. First thing I want to talk a little about is your profile picture, which is the most important one on your profile.

Even before the women lands and looks on your profile, they will see your profile picture. It is your profile picture that acts sort of as an “attention-grabber”. It is your profile picture they will see in the search results, alongside all the other profiles.

For these reasons, your profile picture must be “on point”. I would suggest you to use a picture of your face, or a picture showing you from shoulders up, for a simple reason. If you use a picture of your fill figure, it can be pretty difficult to see what you actually look like. By allowing the women to see your face, they will click on it, if they find you interesting or attractive. If someone does not find you interesting/attractive, it would not have been getting anywhere anyway – so might as well attract the  right attention as soon as possible.

As to your other pictures, they are not as important as your profile picture. However it is a good idea to have a variety of pictures, so the French women can see you in different situations. (Attention: Don’t use pictures that show your face from a frogs perspective. No need to show off your double chin, and the inside of your nose 😉 )

You can use pictures from your latest vacation, from some kind of event or gathering. “Show yourself off” as you reflect some of your hobbies and interest, if possible. Make sure you smile on your pictures too, so you come off as the happy person that you are!



Owner at MeetForeignWomen

I have a recommendation for you, if you want to meet French women. I think you should try the website called: InternationalCupid. Click and sign up, and you will meet more than 4.500.000 members. Contact as many as you can!


5999+ online

ALOT of French Women registered
One of the biggest foreign dating sites
Hundreds of new members every day
Can be used for free or paid

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