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It is becoming increasingly popular for Ukrainian women to find and date foreign men. A lot of the values of ukrainain women are quite appealing to men all over the world. Not only are they pretty by looks, but they’re also sensual, intelligent as well as homely.

Many Ukrainian women are from socially and economically challenged areas, and therefore can be quite appreciative of the small things in the world. You sure don’t have to shower her with shallow materialistic gifts and things.

In this article, you can read more about the qualities possessed by Ukrainian women. Furthermore, and perhaps even more importantly, you will get tips on how/where to meet and date ladies from Ukraine. You’ll even get some information on what they are like as individuals.

Best Ukrainian online dating sites to meet Ukrainian women


2998+ online

Site with most Ukrainian women
Website is mainly with Ukrainian focus
Browse millions of world-wide profiles!
Can be used for free or paid

5999+ online

Very big site with women from all over the world
One of the cheapest premium-memberships
Members profiles are often very detailed
Can be used for free or paid

3658+ online

Women from Russia + Ukraine
Website is majorily with Russian women
Millions of very beautiful members
Can be used for free or paid

Why these Ukrainian online dating sites to meet Ukrainian women?

The amount of online dating websites where you can meet Ukrainian women on the internet is insane. It can be pretty difficult to choose the right one, where your chances of succes is big, without having to empty you wallet completely.

These websites has mainly been chosen because your chances of success are very good with the high amount of members. They are also run by a respected and trusted company with lots of experience in online dating – meaning your experience will not only be fun, but as secure as possible. Below here you will find even more information and more detailed review of the listed websites.


UkraineDate is a pretty obvious and very good choice to begin your ukrainian dating adventure and meet ukrainian women. The website’s name says it all: it focuses mainly on providing ukraininan dating, making it easy for ukrainian women to find a special someone outside of Ukraine.

Even though the website does not have as many members in total as the other ones on the list, it is definitely a great choice for finding Ukrainian women. The website in general has alot of activity and you can find hundreds if not thousands of members online at any given time a day. Just when I’m writing this article, there are more than 1100 members online.

I guarantee you, there are more female Ukrainians than you will ever have the time to get in touch with. By far the majority of the members in here are actually very beautiful, and it is very nice to see how many members have one or more profile pictures.

Websites offers easy filtering and searches, allowing you to effectively find exactly the woman you are looking for.


The sheer size of InternationalCupid including the amount of members is almost alone enough to be a prime website for meeting Ukrainian women. Upon accessing the website it proclaims to have more than 4.000.000 members registered in total which is just incredible – of course not all of them are female members or even from Ukraine, but I can assure that alot of them are!

I did a search for Ukrainian women aged 18-60 WITH one or more pictures on their profile. The search results shows more thyan 1000+ profiles appearing. It says 1000+ becuase the number is just really big, so it’s easier to show it like that. All of the members it shows on the first page has a badge which says “new”, which means that alot of Ukrainian women are registering on here!

Another nice thing about InternationalCupid if you ask me, is that you can find women from all over the world. Mayb you’d want to get in touch with a woman from another country than Ukraine, and this is where InternationalCupid is unique, due to the massive amount of women from all over the world.


If you’re into or just interested in Ukrainian women, RussianCupid is a website you just cannot miss. Even though the website main focus is on Russian connections, the amount of Ukrainian women is definitely no joke. It may be due to the fact that Ukraine is right at the border with Russian, making them neighbours and somewhat alike.

That being said, this website is completely filled with beautiful Russian women as well as Ukrainian women. I did the same search for Ukrainian women here as I did with InternationalCupid, and the result was the same – more than 1000+ result showed up, with all of the on first page being registered recently.

If you don’t believe me that the website is full of beautiful and pretty much glamouros women looking for love, I suggest you to go check it out. You should definitely try to go to Search –> Popular searches –> Most popular and see the most popular women profiles..Wow.

One of the cooler features on this website is the galleries you can see when going to Search –> Popular searches. Here you can click on “Russian Bikini Babes Photo Gallery” and “Glamorous Russian Women Photo Gallery”. These galleries alone is basically enough to register a profile and take a look at.

Qualities of Ukrainian women

Ukraine is not a country with lots of wealthy people – quite the opposite. Ukrainian ladies loves to be spoiled, like everyone else, but not as much with big, expensive gifts. Most often they’ll appreciate the small things in life, and if you present yourself as a hopeless romantic (but don’t lie, of course), you’ll sure get noticed quite fast.

If your potential Ukrainian date is from an economical/socially challenged part of Ukraine, she will be a tough and independent woman. There is not a big need to spoil and do things for her – most likely she will her have own ambitions, her own work and additionally try to look good for you.

Ladies from Ukraine is exceptionally known for looking gorgeous. High heels, beautify hair (often blonde or brunette), with soft skin. Most often you will be met with a big smile, being forthcoming and with an interest in you as an individual. They are warm, caring, hardworking and reasonable people. You kind of have to be, in order to live in a country like Ukraine and their challenges.

What is it like dating an Ukrainian woman?

It is impossible to generically describe women, as well as Ukrainian women. But here I will try to explain a little about the general things I have noticed in my experience with Ukrainian women.

Women from Ukraine is often quite comfortable in their feminine roles, and it fits perfectly with their culture.

In the “dating game”, Ukrainian women embraces their feminine roles as well. They will dress up to look beautiful, in order to get men to approach them. They like to dress up and look as beautiful as possible, but still do it with a certain amount of class. Ukrainian culture ‘teaches’ to embrace their feminine roles, in part by dressing up to look beautiful.

Imagine this. One day, you will encounter the most beautiful Ukrainian woman you have ever seen. Chances are, she will be happy to engage in conversation with you (assuming she is single of course). As a man, you have to start the charades as well.

They are brought up to have strong values and qualities about themselves. For example, to treat other people respectfully, and to be humble and be yourself. My point is, you are not likely to succeed in the long run with Ukrainian dating, if you begin by chasing sex dates. Not a lot of women from Ukraine will find this appealing. If that’s what your agenda is, she is likely to catch up on it eventually, and then you’re out of time.

Most Ukrainian girls are looking for a healthy relationship, with a man whom they love, and can share life with.

Ukrainian women for marriage

Are you looking for an ukrainian women for marriage? Then these websites are definitely also worth to check out. The majority of the Ukrainian women on these websites have specified what they are looking for on their profiles – be it a fling, relationship/marriage, penpal etc.

Depending on where you live, it might be worth checking out some local regulatives, for how this could/will work. I know that in some countries it is easier to get your married partner to come live with you, if you are in fact married, and not only boyfriend/girlfriend. But again, it will vary alot depending on what your local laws say. 

Laws are complicated, so I’d recommend you bring in some legal counsel before beginning with marriage – you don’t want to end up in some bad situation which could have been avoided.

Tips for people serious about Ukrainian dating and finding an Ukrainian woman

When you have found the website you want to proceed on, it’s time to begin the real work. The work that is registering on the website, filling out your profile, putting in pictures and starting to communicate with other members. Here are some tips for you, on how to maximize your chances of finding a beautiful Ukrainian woman!

Fill out your profile thoroughly. Imagine this: A beautiful woman enters your profile. She wants to ge to know something about you, to know if she wants to get in contact with you. Your profile is completely empty – so ofcourse she decides to leave. On average, the women on ukrainian dating websites are looking at alot of profiles of men – give yourself a chance, and fill it out well.

First of all you should fill in your physical traits such as hair color, height, (maybe) weight, your body type etc – so that everyone can kind of form an idea of what you look like in real life. Also: You should fill out your profile text as well, with some unique information about yourself. What are your hobbies? Do you play any instruments? What do you like to do in the weekends or on sunday afternoons? Your favourite travel destinations? Unique talents? The floor is yours, and you know most about yourself. Let it rip!

Get some decent pictures for your profile. I may be tempting to use pictures from when your belly was alot smaller – but there is no reason to. If you want a serious connection/relationship, you should upload pictures of what you look like now. Still, try to include pictures that you think you look good in.

For your profile picture, I’d recommend you using a picture of your upper-body including face. Don’t go for one that shows your full figure, for a simple reason. When your picture appears in the search results, the picture is pretty small. It is difficult for any ukrainian woman to see what you look like, and they may lose interest without even being able to see you. If you use a picture of your shoulder/upperbody, they can see what you look like and determine if they are interested right then and there.

For the rest of your pictures, I would recommend using various pictures. Pictures of you doing something (not laying on the couch, ideally). From a vacation/trip, restaurant visit, party-picture or something like that.

Lastly: Acquire a membership. This is probably the biggest and most important thing. With a membership, you have all of the control. First of all, you can communicate with ALL the members that you want to. Send as many letters/messages as you possibly can. Without a membership, you can only write to people with memberships. Makes sense, right?

Not to mention the other advantages and benefits, but this one is the most important one.

Now, if you’re really serious about establishing a good connection with someone, I want to share a small tip on how to save money on your membership. The websites mentioned above, you get discount for getting more than 3 months of membership at once. So, if you buy 1 months membership once, and if it renews into a second month, you would have spent as much as getting 3 months initially. 

The reason I’m sharing this, is this: It is pretty difficult to establish a good connection in just one month, unless you have time to log in and send messages multiple times each day. So, it might happen that you need to get another month – so why not just get 3 months and be sure to begin with?



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2998+ online

Site with most Ukrainian women
Website is mainly with Ukrainian focus
Browse millions of world-wide profiles!
Can be used for free or paid

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