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Finland is a relatively small country located in northern or north eastern part of Europe. Finland is not part of Scandinavia, but is located right next to Sweden on one side and Russia on the other side. Currently there is a population of about 5.5million people living there, where about 2.8million of them are women.

It is relatively cold in Finland, ranging from barely 21 degrees in the height of summer and -10 in the midst of winter times. That being said, Finland and the people living here are among the happiest in the world, according to a World Happiness Index. In fact, in 2021 it was rated number 1 as the happiest country, with Denmark at second place.

Finnish women are generally known to be very beautiful women, with blonde hair, light skin and a great smile. Mayhe their beautiful women are part of their happiness?

Anyway, in this article you will learn where and how to meet Finnish women, what they are like and how you can actually start dating them..even if you’re not located in Finland.

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Why has this website been chosen?

Different websites have different benefits and advantages when you use them. Although, however smart they are, there is one simple factor which is the most important: there has to be a nice amount of Finnish women active, or you have no chance of getting in touch with any. Simple, right?

These websites have been chosen as there are in fact hundreds of active profiles with women from Finland, in various ages. I’m sure you could also find Finnish women living outside of Finland.

Below here you can read more about the website, and why it would be a great choice for you, and how it could help you find a special someone of Finnish origin.


This one is one of my favourite international online dating websites. In total it contains millions of members (more than 4.000.000 according to the front page). There are women from all over the world present on the website searching for love and more, and there are also plenty of Finnish women.

To be sure, I did a search while writing this. I searched for women in Finland WITH a picture on their profile. The result showed more than 320+ members, which is pretty nice, considering the relatively low population in Finland. I could see alot of them had also been online recently (pretty much everyone on the first page of the result).

One of the great things about this website is the very big diversity of the members. You can get in touch with women from all over the world – Asia, Europe, America, Australia…whereever you can imagine, I’m pretty sure there will be women from that country registered.

When you’ve registered and made contact to some women, you can also download their smartphone app. It allows you to browse profiles, write messages effectively while you’re not at your computer. You can basically do everything on it, if you want to. It works very well, and especially the messaging function is easy to use, allowing for easy communication and messaging.

The company behind the website is a very experienced company. They’ve run different international online dating websites since 2000. One of the great things about them is that they actively fight scammers and fake profiles on their websites with various tactics and tools. If one happens to get through the registration anyway, you can report them and the appropriate action will be taken pretty fast.

What are Finnish women like?

It’s not possible to describe an the women of an entire country specifically, however in this part I’ll be explaining in general terms what Finnish women are like, and what kind of culture they’re coming from.

Generally speaking Finnish women are loving, caring, passionate, fun and very much down to earth. They are great to be around and be with, and they’re not afraid to share stories or jokes with you.

In Finland there is not a culture of just sharing something about yourself. There is a bit of a tendency to hide what you are feeling, even if you’re happy or sad. You could say it concerns only you and not anyone else. 

That also means, that Finnish women can be somewhat reserved, untill they feel safe and comfortable around you and talking with you. The best way to get through these “defenses” is to show alot of interest in her, and ask questions about her. Get to know her, what she likes, dislikes, hobbies and so forth – this well definitely make her feel safe and comfortable around you.

In Finland equality is very high. In terms of making money, job opportunities, house work, watching the kids, doing the shopping etc. Men and women share all of the work, and you should definitely not expect to “take care” of your Finnish woman by providing her with material gifts and so on. Anyone appreciates a  thoughtful gift, but it is not something you should do all the time. Finnish women make a great amount of money generally, and are perfectly capable of buying their own things.

Dating Finnish women & Finnish dating culture

Finland is a very progressed country with a high amount of equality. That being said, Finnish women always like to be in the company of a gentleman. A gentleman who opens the door for her, or pulls out the chair when you’re about to have dinner, and then pours her a glass of red wine. Just because there is a high amount of equality, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat her as a “friend”.

The Finnish dating culture is pretty advanced and is similiar to alot of places in Europe, and especially in Northern parts of Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Norway). Usually dating starts in schools, at work or through friends and family. 

Throughout a normal day Finnish people are perfectly happy with having few conversations if they can get away with it. Compared to e.g. US it is a funny thing to observe, as Americans are much more likely to engage in alot of conversations throughout the day just for the fun of it. You will most likely not see a Finnish woman or man do this, just for the fun of it. So, you’re probably thinking, how do they even begin to date one another?

Finns are generally pretty liberal when it comes to casual dating and hooking up. But once it gets to a serious point, they take it very seriously and by that time its basically a relationship already.

One last tip: Finnish women will not be tolerating “game playing”. Meaning that if you’re playing some game with her and not really serious about going towards a relationship, you will not be seeing much more of her. They are very good at noticing, so I’d suggest you to not even try!

Can you communicate with Finnish women?

The Finnish language is a pretty hard one to master. I don’t know if you ever seen some writing in Finnish, but the words are long and seems impossible to pronounce at first.

Luckily English is spoken by pretty much everyone in Finland, and even at a very nice level. According to Wikipedia, around 70% of Finns spoke english in 2012. I’m sure it has improved to much more by now, as internet is also being more widespread than it was in 2012. English is also a part of the public school curriculum.

Tips for you, if you’re serious about dating Finnish women

Now, if you’re really serious about meeting and getting in a relationship with a Finnish woman, you have a few choices. You can travel to Finland and meet someone (which can prove to be pretty difficult), or you can find someone with an international online dating website (I know I would prefer this one!). In this paragraph you will find some tips and recommendations that are sure to help you succeed in your dating adventure – and keep in mind that these tips are for international online dating.

Gain attention from women with perfect profile pictures. One of the most important areas of your profile is your pictures, and especially your profile picture. The profile picture is the first thing EVERYONE sees, and in many cases even before getting onto your profile. It will appear in search results, as a picture in the messages you send, and it’s always the first picture everyone sees when entering your profile.

In short, there is not a perfect profile picture to use, but I do have some tips for you. First of all, make sure your face can be seen. The face is one of the most important things for people to see. You want to present your face, so whenever the Finnish women see it, there is a good chance they’ll like it..and then move on to your profile to read more about you.

For your other pictures, you should have a variety of different ones. They should show you in different situations, doing different things so you can be viewed as a creative, funny, adventurous and go-getting guy. For example, you could use some pictures from a vacation you’ve had, from a restaurant visit, some kind of event you attended or when doing garden work. It’s all up to you, but it’s a good thing to show yourself doing different things. If all of your pictures is of you laying in the couch, one could think that’s all you do..

When they are on your profile, keep them entertained. The purpose of your profile is basically to sell you as a good choice for being a partner, to the right person. I say to the right person, because there’s no point in sounding like the perfect partner to everyone – that’s impossible. Don’t make up something on your profile to appeal to everyone. Keep it real and genuine.

First you should put in all of your physical character traits such as height, weight (if you want to), body type, hair/eye color, shoe size etc. Afterwards you can move on to the slightly more personal things such as hobbies, how you like to dress, your personality traits and so on. You should be able to fill out these relatively quickly, as you probably know yourself pretty well. There’s no need to be too humble, but don’t get too cocky either. Be true to yourself.

One of the most important parts of your profile is your profile text. This is where the floor is yours, and you can write whatever you feel like writing. I’d highly suggest you try to be as creative, funny and entertaining as possible. Think of it as the part where the Finnish women should want to get in touch with you. How do you say something about yourself in such a way?

Of course, it is pretty tricky. Usually I fill it out over time, as I have time to think about what to write. It’s not easy to just sit down and fill it out perfectly, so I’d say you get the best results by continously editing and adding more to it.

Write to multiple Finnish women

Your best chance of successfully getting some kind of relationship going with a Finnish woman is to initially get in contact with multiple women at once. When it starts getting to a point where the conversation is getting pretty serious, I’d suggest you to keep only that one going. You don’t want to build serious connections with multiple women at once, just to get started. order to have conversation going with multiple women, I’d highly recommend you to acquire a paid membership subscription. On 99% of the serious international dating websites, you’ll need a membership subscription to either read or send a message. BUT – when you have one, you can send ALL of the messages that you possibly can. In my opinion, paying something like 30$-40$ per month for unlimited messaging to beautiful women looking for their special someone is a relatively low amount of money.

If you want to get yourself a really nice start, you can start out with a 3 months membership or something similar. You will get a pretty huge discount by gettting multiple months of membership at one time. I’d recommend you go for the discount. It’s pretty difficult to build some kind of relationship and take the conversation elsewhere in simply 1 month – which means you’ll have to get another one, if you want to continue the conversation. So you might as well get more to begin with, and then you can start conversations casually and with ease.

You will get all kinds of benefits when purchasing a membership, not only unlimited messaging. You will get things like an advertisement-free experience, more space in your profile and more space in the search result, appearing on top of search results with a badge on your profile picture and much more. All in all, I’d say that a membership subscription is well worth it (especially if you choose to use InternationalCupid as mentioned above).



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