Indonesian Women → What are they like, and how do you meet them?


What are Indonesian women like & how to meet them

So, now that you landed on this page, you’re seemingly interested in Indonesian women, and even considering meeting and dating a beautiful woman from Indonesia. I get it – because they are very intrigueing women, and you can find women from Indonesia with all kinds of personalities, looks and so much more.

Indonesia has a big population of more than 273 million inhabitants, and about 118million of them are women. Majority of men and women in Indonesia are Muslims, with about 85% registered to have Islam as their faith – and it is mainly sunni muslims. The country is located in South East Asia, above Australia, and consists of alot of different islands. The main islands are: Sumatra, Java, Jaya, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and of course Bali. Lots of tourists travel to Indonesia each year, and the women here are very much interested meeting men from countries all over the world. 

Facts about Indonesian women and Indonesia

Population of approximately 240million people (118million women)
Main cities are Jakarta, Bandung, Bekasi and Medan
Biggest religions: Muslim 82%, Protestant 7%, Roman Catholic 3%
Languages: English (majority), Javanese, Sundanese, Maduranese
Internet: 210million+ internet users. Average speed: 31Mbps

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When it comes to the availability of international dating websites where you can meet Indonesian women, there are quite literally thousands and thousands to choose from. Thats why we, here at MeetForeignWomen, have done the ground work for you. We’ve analysed and researched hundreds of websites, and found the best ones, where you have the best chance of meeting women from Indonesia. 

The single most important thing is, that they have literally thousands of beautiful Indonesian women registered. Furthermore they have some great features and good user experience, that are sure to improve your overall experience. However, the fact that they have THAT many Indonesian women registered is the #1 reason. Below here you can read some more information about each of the websites, and make a choice for yourself.



AsianDating is the best choice you have, when it comes to meeting Indonesian women. As you can see on the name, it is an international dating website focusing on matching Asian women/men with people from all over the world – and they are the site with the MOST active Indonesian women…and let me tell you, there are alot of them. Not only that, but you will find literally millions of members from all around the world, with the vast majority of them being women from Asia, and as mentioned, especially Indonesia.

AsianDating is run and managed by a company called CupidMedia, that has been operating in the online dating industry for a long time, all the way back to early 2000’s. They are therefore one of the most experienced companies, when it comes to enhancing the dating experience for their customers, on their vast portfolio of dating websites. Your data will be safe, the members are routinely checked (to weed out scammers etc)., and you even have access to customer service. Furthermore you can actively report members, if you see any suspicious behavior. 

This website offers effective filtering, meaning you can easily filter the search results to show only women of a specific age from Indonesia. You can also filter based on whether or not the profiles have pictures. One great tip: You can see a gallery of the most beautiful members, which I highly recommend you to check out.


CharmRomance is also a great choice, when it comes to meeting indonesian women online. There are not as many members as on AsianDating, however the members on this site are generally very active, and definitely not afraid of making the first step. Thats pretty neat, right? 

This site offers some unique experiences and functionality on their site, which you are not likely to experience on other sites. First of all, you can register your account VERY quickly (just by answering a few questions), meaning you can browse around in a few minutes. You should fill out your profile thoroughly though, to have a better experience. Furthermore you can engage in live chat, send letters to women that are not offline, engage in video chat and much more. You can show interest to all the ladies you want to, by sending them likes and ofcourse messages.

One of the cooler features is that some women actually choose to broadcast live on webcams, to meet and engage with other users for fun. It’s a great way to see what some Indonesian women are up to. Perhaps you can persuade a beautiful lady into a 2 way video chat? Try it out! 


InternationalCupid is an excellent choice when you want to meet women from all around the world – and especially if you want to connect with beautiful Indonesian women (As there are literally 1000s of them on here). While writing this article, I went on there to search and see for myself. The website shows more than 1000+ women from Indonesia aged 18-50 WITH at least 1 profile picture. Most of the women on the first results page was even online at that very moment, or had just logged off. So there is alot of activity!

InternationalCupid is one of the most reputable and renowned international online dating websites, with members from all over the world. Upon entering their website through our link, you can see all of their success stories for yourself. After this, you can proceed to register your very own profile in a matter of only a few minutes. If you put in a profile picture, you can view all members pictures in a big format – which I guarantee that you will not be dissapointed by. Did I mentioned that InternationalCupid offers some of the cheapest premium memberships?

What are Indonesian women like?

Of course it’s not possible to explain the personal character traits of every single Indonesian women. However, due to the shared culture and historical traits, there is a common theme which Indonesian women fall under. Briefly explained, you can be sure that they are sweet, caring, loving, family oriented, humble and most important very loyal people. Especially loyal towards familymembers and significant others. These days, Indonesia and the population is affected by all kinds of influences from the rest of the world; such as western cinema, music, advertisements, branding and so fourth, which seem to increasingly shape the people and their decisions (Just like you and me, I guess?).

An Indonesian woman from one place is also likely different from an Indonesian woman from another place. Indonesia is home to quite a few different ethnic groups, all with their own values in religion culture and traditions. For example, the Javanese population consists of more than 100 million people, that has lived in the Central and Eastern part of the island Java for many years. The Javanese people are actually the biggest ethnic group in Indonesia as well as South East Asia.

Sundanese people are another ethnic group, which consists of more than 32million people, native to the Western part of the Java island in Indonesia. They actually speak a different language called Sundanese. According to some sources, alot of Sundanese people also have a more demonstrative relationship/approach to Islam, which is worth noting, if Islam or religion is a factor for you, if you want to meet Indonesiam women.

Lastly, the 3rd biggest ethnic group of people is called Balinese people. As you might have guessed on the name, they are native to the island of Bali in Indonesia, and about 4.2million Balinese people are living on the island of Bali. Balinese people mainly speak the language of Balinese, and mostly adhere to the religion of Hinduism.

Indonesian women are educated, modern, diverse and changing traditional gender roles

The number of women from Indonesia pursuing higher eduation has never been higher – and there has actually never been more opportunity for them to do so. With still increasing access to educational institutions across the country, you can expect your (hopefully) future Indonesian girlfriend to be educated, well-read and more than capable of speaking English. However, if you connect with an Indonesian women coming from a strict and conservative environment, it will likely be different. Same can be said if you are engaging with a woman from more rural areas, where access to internet, modern society and overall technology is more limited.

Indonesian women are becoming much more modern, and technology is rapidly giving a helping with this. Internet, for example, is accessible for more than 210million people (out of a total population of around 270million). Safe to say, that alot Indonesian women have access to the internet and will also make their way to various international, online dating websites. With internet access, and technology acces at an all time high, all kind of topics and brands/cultures/ideas are being known to Indonesian women and people in general. This, and the fact that so many people have moved to Indonesia throughout the years, opens up for a much more diverse way of living, than it historically has been. 

The most modern women in Indonesia has less traditional views on gender roles, compared to women from more rural areas and women from conservative backgrounds. However, this is changing and developing to this day, and will likely continue to do so. There are still remnants and areas where traditional gender roles play a part in womens everyday life, potentially affecting choices in forms of education, work and so forth.

Physical looks and character traits of Indonesian women

Indonesia has some of the most beutiful women in the world. This comes from beautiful native looks, adding in some diversity from all around Indonesia and Asia, and pairing it with some sprinkles of traits from the rest of the world. Generally Indonesian women showcase a beautiful skin tone, that is a pretty mix of bright and dark, giving it a kind of vibrant and radiant look, that is one of the unique traits of women from Indonesia.

The facial expressians of Indonesian women are beautiful, lively, full of life, emotion and colour. Imagining th gentle outline of Javanese’ peoples faces, to the distinctive features in Balinese and Sumatran women, Indonesian women truly have beautiful faces and facial expressions, reflecting the rich culture and heritage from all the differen ethnic groups.

Let’s not forget the welcoming smiles and beautiful, smooth hairstyles. To many Indonesian women, their beautiful sets of hair is well taken care of, and flourishes in the often humid temperatures found throughout Indonesia. When you mix the beautiful hair with big, beautiful and happy smiles, you get good looking women that can melt anyones knees. The friendly and welcoming smiles are actually a great assett, and it comes from their great welcoming personalities and hospitable nature.

Going a little further from their physical looks, Indonesian women are most often strong in body and mind, showing resilience and strength. They are used to helping and supporting friends/families, with important roles within their society/community, in which they also get a great sense of accountability and responsibility.

History and cultural heritages has shaped Indonesian women

As mentioned earlier, Indonesia is a place with great amounts of diversity, with impressions from both within the country, but also outside of Indonesia. Throughout history, there has been alot of influences that has gradually shaped what Indonesian and also Indonesian women are like today. From colonial history, rural living, conservative values into todays more modern woman, how exactly has cultural heritage and history done its work?

The cultural richness of Indonesia comes from all the different ethnic groups, which has created a mix of different traditions and norms. Most Indonesian women cherish this diversity, as well as having compassion and understanding for how identities are closely tied to the different cultural practices of the different ethnic backgrounds.

As in all other countries, the different regions generally follow different and region-specific structures, where some regions will hold on to traditional values and gender roles, where other regions will be much more modern and/or laid back, with other focuses.

Islam is the most predominant religion in Indonesia, and it is something that everyone in Indonesia has at least knowledge about. Some women may follow Islams principles thoroughly, and others may not do so at all. It is good to know though, that the religion of Islam has had and still has a big impact on the everyday lives of many Indonesian women.

History tells us that the Dutch (Dutch East India Company) colonized Indonesia in the 1600s, which had a huge impact at the time. The Dutch East India Company then ceased to exist in 1796, where the Dutch government proceeded to have control of the area. This control existed right up until 1942, so a long time, where Japanese forces ‘liberated’ Indonesia. This could mean that many Indonesian people have a strong feeeling of independence, as it was a colony of the Dutch for so many years, before becoming their own country once again.

Many Indonesian women was active and participating in the fight for independence, with famous women such as Raden Ajeng Kartini, a key figure in advocating for womens rights and their rights to education.

Why does Indonesian women seek love abroad?

There are ofcourse alot of different reason as to why that is. Here, I will explain some of the most common reasons as to why Indonesian women look or love in other countries – and especially in western countries. It is not a unique thing for specifically Indonesian women to search for a partner in another country. You probably are too, since you are here reading about women from Indonesia – am I right? 😉

The adventure of it all

It is one of the greatest things in the world to find a loving partner. What can make it even more interesting, is if that partner comes form another country, bring all of their cultural uniqueness with them. You know what your own culture is like, and what has shaped you and your fellow countrymen through the years. What’s more intriguing than exploring a relatively unkown culture of the person you love? Not to mention all the new food, traditions, sightseeing you may have never seen. All of this is a big reason as to why Indonesiam women look for love abroad – to have a great adventure, and find a loving man in the process!

Pursuing a better future

Indonesia is currently seeing some great growth, both domestically and with foreign investors. People are getting more money and wealth, and the country as a whole can be described as an upper-class middle income country. However, there are still vast challenges for some people, and the average salary in Indonesia is actually “only” around 146,000,000 IDR (which is about 9200usd). This means that alot of women sees opportunities in other countries, where the average salary for employed work is much higher – especially in many European places and the rest of the Western world. Not only can they get employment with a higher salary; they surely would love to find love in the process, and begin a future life or marriage in the best way possible.

A taste for foreign men

Another big reason as to why Indonesian women looks for love in another country, is their potential taste and desire for men from other origins. You probably know this from yourself – women from Indonesia and other countries might seem more desirable and exotic, than women from your own neighbourhood and your own country. The same goes for some women from Indonesia – it is very common to find men from other countries very attractive.


Dating in Indonesia: What does Indonesian women want from a man?

Different women obviously want different things from men – however there are lots of common themes and traits that most Indonesian women wants in their man/husband. Most importantly they are looking for a loving, caring, supportive and kind man with whom they can share everyday life with. A family man who cherish the family life, wants stability as well as loyalty towards the people around them. If you also happen to be loving towards her family and close friends, you are sure to be loved and rewarded even more.

Given the historically unstable times in Indonesia, stability is probably one of the most important things. As long as basic needs are met, you are likely not obliged to provide an extraordinary amount of materialistic things. Everyone likes the occasional gift and surprise of course, but it is not a need to have; more like a nice to have.

As Indonesian women themselves are very heartwarming, friendly and kind towards other people, you should be too. It doesn’t work if you dislike strangers – especially in the local community. You could argue that the friendlier you are, the more helpful you are and if you’re hositable as well, you will be percieved as a great man with a big heart.

It is also important for you to have emotional intelligence, and with that be able to provide support for your significant other, when it is needed. This likely makes it all better, and if you make your Indonesian women feel heard, noticed, loved and taken care of emotionally, you will be a “rockstar“.

 The dating scene in Indonesia is much like everyone elses. Generally the local Indonesian women and men meet each other all kinds of places. That could be through friends, family, at work, in bars/clubs/nightlife, through hobbies and so fourth. Religion has a big say as well for many people, where there could be traditions determining the future dating life. If/when you start engaging with an Indonesian women, you should be taking it slow, and get to know her well before any intimate things happen. This makes for a much better relationship-base, and she will surely be more comfortable around you, the more she knows you. And you want her to be as comfortable as possible, right?

3 tips to increase your chance of meeting beautiful Indonesian women

If you are already within Indonesia, you have plenty of options when you want to meet Indonesian women. You can start meeting people at social gatherings, events, in the nightlife scene, join some classes/hobbies and much more. If you’re not in Indonesia, you have the option of either going to Indonesia and start your adventure, or register a profile on an online dating website, where there are plenty of Indonesian women looking for a special someone, like you. I prefer the second one. You can do it directly from the comfort of your home, and you are putting yourself right “in front” of Indonesian women that are already actively looking for men like you. Pretty smart, right?

Now, let’s get to the tips that will help your chances of successfully meeting a special someone GREATLY.

Register your profile, and fill it out thoroughly

This might seem like a no-brainer now that I’ve told you, but either way, it is the first (and effective) step you shold absolutely take. Find your preferred dating site, where you can actually meet Indonesian women (you can choose from the recommendations on this page), and register your profile. Fill out all of the relevant information. First off, you can start with the basic information, which sould be easy. Put in your height, weight, hair/eye colour, body type, hair style and so forth – usually there are designated boxes for these.

Next, you can fill out your personal and character traits. What are you like as a person? Friendly, kind, open, empathetic, funny, full of energy, more of a couch potato or what are you like? You know yourself best. After this, you can also add information about what you like to do, what keeps you occupied, how big is your family, where and how often do you go on vacations, what do you like to do on sundays or weekends? Be creative, but don’t share too much. Keep it as entertaining and mysterious as possible. 

Buy a Premium-membership, and get ahead of the “competition”

This may not sound very appealing, but it is one of the best things you can do, in order to boost your chances of successfully meeting a special someone. The benefits of a membership by far outweighs not having them (if you are serious in your objective of meeting women from Indonesia). The most important thing is, that you can send as many messages as you possibly can/want to – andthe women can all read and answer them too, because YOU have a premium membership. This alone is the most important thing, and you will leave behind all the other men/”competitors” who does not have a premium membership.

Furthermore you will get benefits such as increased profile space, higher rankings and more visibility in the profile search results, an ad-free experience which is a nice little thing too. There are different levels of Premium-memberships. You can check for yourself, after having registered a profile, which one suits you better. The more exclusive the membership is, the higher are your chances of success, as they come with more benefits.

Send letters to multiple Indonesian women

When you’ve registered your profile and acquired your Premium-membership, it is now time to begin the work. I recommend you send letters to plenty of different profiles. You are 100% not going to recieve a response from every woman you send a letter to – for many different reasons, which do not matter. The women who answer you are the important ones. So, in order to increase your reply-rate, you should engage in conversation with different women.

Do not send a standard, one-size-fits-all letter/message to everyone. It gets too generic, and will likely not be able to initiate an interesting conversation. You could for example ask her about something in her profile, to show that you have read it, and it shows you have a genuine interest in her.

Tip: At some point when a conversation gets serious with an Indonesian women, you should ofcourse not proceed with other conversations. If you feel like this one conversation could get serious and lead to something special, you should focus on that one. It is up to you to find out what to do then – e.g. “end” the other conversations, let them know what is happening or whatever you want to do. Good luck!

Peter's Recommendation

Peter's Recommendation

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