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Latvia is a country located in the Baltics right between Estonia and Lithuania. The country is inhabited by around 1.89million. In those numbers you will find LOTS of beautiful Latvian women – I’m sure you’ve heard about the beautiful women from Latvia before. Even though the country is relatively small, it’s a known fact alot of places in the world.

Latvia is also well known for the capitol of Riga and the UNESCO WORLD heritage sites located in the old city center. Furthermore they also have some of the best internet connections in the world, which is a big plus all of the Latvian women looking to find a loving partner outside of Latvia. (By the way, beer from Latvia is also pretty great!)

Beautiful Latvian Women – meet them on these websites


3658+ online

1000+ registered women from Latvia
Website is majorily with Russian women
Millions of very beautiful members
Can be used for free or paid

5999+ online

ALOT of Latvian Women registered
One of the biggest foreign dating sites
Hundreds of new members every day
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On the big internet you can find LOTS of international online dating websites, and websites claiming to have all of the best match-making features etc., to help you achieve your goal of finding a sweet Latvian woman. However, the most important thing when beginning your mission to find a special someone from Latvia is not the features..the most important thing is, that there is in fact alot of Latvian women registered on the website.

That is why these websites have been included. I’ve checked (and successfully used) them myself, and both of them has hundreds (and thousands actually) of Latvian women on them. Below here you can read more about each website.


RussianCupid is probably the single best choice when it comes to meeting Latvian women. The name itself may suggest otherwise – and yes, there are lots of Russian women on here too..however, the amount of Latvian women is great!

While writing this article, I did a little test to see exactly how many are registered. I went online, and searched for women in Latvia aged 18-60..and the result showed more than 1000+ registered members. Some of the women on the first page had even been registered newly, as they had a “new” badge next to their picture. Should be enough for even the pickiest, right?

A great thing about this website is definitely the huge amount of beautiful women, and it’s not just Latvian women I’m talking about. As the majority of the women are from Russia, you will encounter alot of beautiful Russian women who are also looking for a special someonne from a foreign country.

You can test out the website for free and see for yourself. It costs nothing to register a profile, and if you choose to upload a picture as well, you’ll be able to see all pictures in a bigger format (which you will not regret, trust me)

If you choose to do so, try this: go to Search and click on Popular Searches. Here you click on Most Popular, and you’ll see all of the most popular (female) members. You’re welcome!


I’m not going to lie. InternationalCupid is definitely one of my favourite international online dating places. You will not find as many Latvian women as in RussianCupid, but you will find ALOT of women from all over the world.

When you first enter the front page of the website, you can see that there are more than 4.000.000 members registered. Of course, some of them will also be men, but I can guarantee you that the activity in there is VERY high. You will rarely see less than 2000 people online at any given time.

One of my favourite things about this website is the great diversity you will find in the women. Besides Latvian women, you can meet tonnes of African women, Baltic women, Asian women and women from all over Europe. Who knows, maybe you’ll find someone special who is not from Latvia? If the thought seems nice to you, then this is definitely the place for you.

InternationalCupid is being run by a company called CupidMedia. They started their first international online dating website all the way back in the early 2000’s and they are therefore highly experienced in working with international dating. Not only that, they also actively fight against scammers and fake profiles and will happily hear from you, if you encounter any of that on their website(s).

What are Latvian women like?

Ofcourse it’s not possible to describe ALL Latvian specifically in a post like this. Instead I’m going to describe Latvian women in a more general sense and how they’re percieved by many people.

First of all, it’s no secret that Latvian women are beautiful women whom alot of men would love to meet and partner up with.

All women loved to be called beautiful, but you have to be a little careful and don’t make it the only reason for you to contacting her. She has probably heard it quite alot of times before, and many of those comments could easily have been from other foreigners, who only has one mission: to get her into bed. Don’t be like that.

Instead you should get to know her on a personal level a little, before you start saying how perfect she looks. Give it some time, and then she will definitely appreciate it.

Another thing which kind of relates to the above, is that you should definitely not try to play any games with her. Latvian girls excel in “sniffing” out bullshit – probably because alot of men have tried it on them before. Be sincere and be genuine – she will also like that!

A fun fact is, that on an average level, Latvian girls are the tallest in the world, with an average of 170cm. Furthermore most of them are highly educated, modern, independent and mostly self-sufficient. To put in a nice way: they may want (or need) you, but they don’t need you for what you have or can provide of materialistic things.

Latvian girls are often “connected” well with their parents and family, and you can definitely expect to be not only introduced to everyone, but also engage in all kinds of things. You will be much more appreciated, if you show interest and effort engaging with her family.

What is the dating culture of Latvian Women like?

The general dating culture in Latvia is not unlike the neighbouring countries and Europe in general. Usually people have met through shared friends or at the workplace. However, it is becoming increasingly popular to meet one another through apps and dating websites – which of course includes international dating websites. Latvia has very good internet coverage throughout their country, allowing everyone who wants to, to begin dating internationally online.

One of the most important things is, that most Latvian women are looking for a serious relationship with an honest and genuine man. If they’d want something casual, they would go on tinder or something similar. The Latvian women are serious about start building a relationship which perhaps leads to marriage and children.

Latvian women are generally not interested in how much wealth you have. They most likely come from a non-wealthy background, and have been brought up with high moral standards and principles. They value personal relationships, love and commitment much higher than potential wealth.

Latvian women are very openminded to meeting people from foreign countries. Especially due to the fact that there are more women than men in Latvia, and maybe the fear of not finding someone special is a great motivator for finding someone from another country.

Get the attention of Latvian women

It’s pretty simple. The first step in order to meet a special Latviian woman is to get her attention, and start communicating with her. How exactly does one get the attention of Latvian women on international online dating websites?

The first thing you’re going to need is some good pictures of yourself, and specifically a face picture (or a picture showing you from shoulders and up). The thing is, that on online dating websites, your profile picture is the first thing everyone see, even before getting onto your profile. It appears in search results, and within the inbox for women to see, when you’ve sent them a message. 

If you use a picture of your face or where your face is clearly visible, you are much more likely to attract the right kind of attention. If you let the women see your face straight away, the ones that are attracted to you, will be interested from the very first sight. If you use a full body picture of yourself, they cannot exactly see who you are, without going to your profile..and they may lose interest even before getting it, and read the message from another guy with a picture of their face.

The rest of your pictures are also important, but not AS important as your profile picture. I always use a variety of different pictures, displaying me in different situations and doing something I like to do. For example, use pictures of yourself having a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant, from a recent vacation or trip, from a hike or a visit to the beach. The important thing is to show yourself in different situations and environments.

Keeping the attention of a Latvian woman

Now that you’re getting the attention of the Latvian women, you must try and keep it as effectively as possible. That means, your profile and the contents of it, must be as entertaining and interesting as possible, to keep the attention. It may sound difficult, and there is definitely not one recipe that fits all women, but following these tips you’re very likely to do well.

When the Latvian women access your profile, they are interesting in getting to know you and your appearance. They want to imagine what it would be like to potentially be in a relationship with you – that is the purpose of dating profiles.

To make this as easy as possible, you must fill in all of the available information boxes when editing your profile. First you will see boxes displaying your physical character traits such as hair color, hair length, eye color, physical build/body type, height, weight (if you want to) and so forth. These are easy to fill out by you, and gives the visitor on your profile an easy chance to imagine what you look like (especially when you have pictures available too).

There will also be boxes explaining about your favourite foods, favourite movie/TV-show, favourite vacation destinations, type of clothing you wear and so on. I’d also suggest you to fill these out as much as possible, as it gives the visitors a great reason to stay and read about what you like. 

Maximize your chances of meeting a special Latvian women

This one is the biggest factor in whether or not you will successfully find yourself a lovely Latvian girl. It may not sound very intriguing, but: You should acquire a paid membership subscription.

The amounts of benefits/features you get is great, and I recommend it highly. First of all, without a paid membership, you can probably only communicate with other members that do have a paid membership. If you get one yourself, you can write to ALL of the members that you possible can. You can basically write a message to ALL of the Latvian women registered on the website (if you have the time for it).

I would actually recommend you to write to multiple Latvian women. For alot of different reasons, you may not get an answer back – so if you write to multiple women to begin with, your chances increase alot. However, when your communication with one begins to be continous and somewhat serious, I’d highly recommend to not communicate with others. Don’t want to come off as if you’re just playing around with multiple women.

Other benefits/features will also become available for you. For instance, you can get more profile space, increased visibility/you get more space in the search results, no advertisements on the website etc. These are all great to have as well, but the possibility to send unlimited messages is the most important one.



Owner at MeetForeignWomen

I have a recommendation for you, if you want to meet Latvian women. I think you should try the website called: RussianCupid. Click and sign up, and you will meet more than 2.960.000 members. Contact as many as you can!


3658+ online

1000+ registered women from Latvia
Website is majorily with Russian women
Millions of very beautiful members
Can be used for free or paid

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