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Estonia is a country in the Northern part of Europe, and is part of the Baltic countries. Estonian women are known all over ther world as being beautiful women, and there is actually more women in Estonia than there are men. The ratio is 87 men for every 100 women, as according to CIA World Factbook.

In total there are about 1.325.000 people in Estonia, which makes it a pretty small country, and Estonian women makes up for a little more than half of it.

Internet accessibility is very common in Estonia, where the vast majority of the population has access to it multiple times a day. This gives the women (and men) easy access to all of the possiblities on the internet, which includes international dating websites.

In this article you will learn alot more about Estonian women, what they are like, how you can meet them – and lastly some tips for you, if you decide to try it out for yourself.

Best places to meet and date Estonian Women


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There are thousands and thousands of different online dating websites available – and they all pride themselves on having the best features available. The question is – what is the most important thing an online dating website could have, in order for you to successfully meet an Estonian woman?

I’ve got the answer for you right here. The website with the most active Estonian women registered, is the place with the highest chance of meeting someone special. It is that simple. What good is all of these features, if it is literally not possible to meet Estonian women?

Below here, you can read more about why these websites have been chosen – and why you should definitely give them a try.


SingleSlavic is simply a great site to use when you want to meet Estonian women, engage in conversations with them and hopefully meet them too. First off, they have alot of single women on here, with a very generous amount of them being from Estonia. That means, you will have plenty of Estonian women to write letters too, and get in touch with. Secondly, the women on here are very active, and are not afraid to write to you first either. I recommend you creating a profile and trying it out – remember to put in pictures and information about yourself, to see the best results.

SingleSlavic has some great features beyong the women on here. You can ofcourse use their live chat function, as many other websites has. Furthermore you can enjoy their live webcam chat function which I particularly enjoy using myself. You can get to know Estonian women while watching each other and talking to each other through webcam – how awesome is that?

SingleSlavic is owned and managed by a reputable company that has been in the market for many years. You are therefore in for a safe experience. Lean back and let the adventure begin!



Even though the name of the website suggests that the main focus is on Russian dating, you can also find alot of Estonian women registered on here. Geographically speaking, Estonia is a neighbouring country to Russia, and this could very well be the reason for the amount of Estonian women on here.

To be sure, I went online and made a search while writing this article. I searched for women aged 18-60 in Estonia, and the result showed more than 340+ profiles. Keeping in mind that Estonias total population is relatively small, I’d say this is a pretty nice number. All of the members which appeared on the first page had also been online recently, which shows that there is definitely alot of activitiy with women from Estonia.

One of the nice things about this website is the amount of women from countries that are somewhat similar to Estonia. Of course, you will find a HUGE amount of beautiful Russian women on here, but also women from Latvia and Lithuania – and you may also be interested in meeting wom from here.

If you decide to register a profile here, I have a suggestion for you. Click on Search –> and then popular searches. Here you will see all of the most popular women profiles, and that is really a treat to look at. All of these beautiful women located all at one place.


CharmRomance is a bit of a hidden gem in the international online dating environment – and especially when it comes to meeting Estonian women, whom you will find an abundance of on here. You can register your profile within only a few minutes, and you are ready to go and mingle with all of the beautiful single women on here. 

One of the great advantages of this website is how active the women are. If you register your profile, put in some pictures and information about yourself, you are very likely to recieve messages from interested women. You don’t see that on many websites, but you do see that on here.

This website is also owned by a reputable company with many years of experience in the online dating market. You will enjoy some very nice features, such as live chat and live webcam chat on here. You just have to find an Estonian woman and get started – it is literally that simple.

You are also able to filter very effectively on this website. Simply go to the search functions and filter to only show women from Estonia, and whereever you might want to see women from.



InternationalCupid is also a great choice when you want to meet women from Estonia, or from anywhere in the world for that matter. It is one of the (in my opinion) best international online dating websites there is, and the diversity of the members on there is simply great. You can find women from all over the world – and they’re all somewhat interested in meeting men from other countries!

The amount of Estonian women on here is not as significant as on RussianCupid, as the result shows more than 110+ registered profiles, but alot of them are pretty active on the website by the looks of it. Some have even purchased a membership subscription.

One of the best things about this website is definitely the HUGE amount of members registered. When you first access the front page of the website, they claim to have more than 4.000.000 members registered, which is just crazy. You never know when you want to meet a women from another country besides Estonia, right?

The website is owned and run by a very experienced company called CupidMedia. They have existed since the early 2000’s and therefore have a great amount of experience in running international online dating websites. Furthermore they also actively fight and combat spam, scams, fake profiles etc. on their websites, and you can easily report something you see.

What are Estonian women like?

It is not possible to describe every single Estonian woman specifcally, but here you will see general information about what Estonian women are like, and what you might expect when getting to know one.

In general, when you first get in touch with an Estonian women, she might seem a bit distant, reserved and it might even seem unfriendly to you – but that is not the case. Estonian women are very friendly, cute, slightly reserved (untill you get to know her), passionate, easy-going and caring women.

Estonian women also like to look their best when going out and about – even if she is ready for work at 8 in the morning, you may very well see her in a beautiful dress and with all of her make-up on. 

Another thing is that family is everything to the Estonian woman. It’s not uncommon for women/men to take care of their parents when they get old and needs help with things – you should definitely be open to this. If you present yourself as a caring man who does not mind taking care of others, you are sure to get “points”.

When you’re getting to know your Estonian woman, it’s important that you don’t try to be something you’re not. They have a strong “filter” and can sense if you are pretending to be something more or less than what you are. Be yourself, be genuine and be forthcoming in your communication. Don’t try to play any games.. you wont get very far with it anyway.

Once you get through the “tough” exterior and get to know her properly, you will have the time of your life. Estonian women loves to laugh and have fun – especially as part of celebrations and during traditions such as birthdays etc.

When it comes to their cultural heritage, Estonian women are truly proud of it. They cherish their traditions, customs, and all the wonderful folkloric expressions that make up their identity. From singing traditional songs to performing lively dances and crafting beautiful pieces, they actively engage in preserving and celebrating their culture. You’ll have the chance to dive into the enchanting world of Estonian traditions and experience firsthand the vibrant tapestry of their heritage.

In relationships, Estonian women hold values like loyalty, trust, and mutual support close to their hearts. They appreciate partners who are authentic, honest, and possess a strong moral compass. It’s all about building a foundation of trust and respect when you’re forming a connection with an Estonian woman. Once you establish that deep bond, get ready to bask in the warmth, loyalty, and unwavering support that they wholeheartedly offer to their loved ones. It’s a beautiful experience that will make your heart feel right at home.

Dating culture of Estonian women

The dating culture and way of dating in Estonia is not that different from the majority of Europe. Usually men/women will find each other through common acquaintances in different parts of life. However, online dating and especially international online dating is booming and everyone knows someone who has tried it.

It is not too difficult for you, as a foreigner, to get in touch with one or more Estonian women – even if you’re not currently within Estonia. First if all, there are more men than women in Estonia, which can make it difficult for women to find a special someone. Besides that, Estonian women like adventures and are very open-minded, so you could easily be very interesting, whereever you are coming from.

Alot of Estonian women are not interested in your money and the wealth you can provide (although it’s probably always helpful). She will always be more interested in who you are, what you are like and how you can make her daily life better by supporting her.

If at some time you find yourself in Estonia, you could pay a visit to the very busy nightlife of the capitol Tallinn. Keep ind mind though – that this is also an area, where you might find some women that are purely interested in your money. Some of these women are not all Estonian, and can also be from Russia for example. You can often find these women at bars, but as long as you are being careful, you should be totally fine. It’s not like she is going to rob you.

When yor’re flirting and progressing in the communications with your Estonian woman, you don’t want to go too fast. Take it nice and easy, while you get to know each other well. You shouldn’t expect nude pictures or any Estonian woman to be loose and join you in the bedroom after just 1 or 2 dates.

How history and cultural heritage has shaped Estonian women

Let’s dive into the captivating world of Estonian women and discover what makes them truly special. You see, these ladies are shaped by Estonia’s rich cultural history and heritage, which has played a significant role in shaping their remarkable characteristics.

Picture Estonia, a small Baltic nation in Northern Europe, with its stunning landscapes and diverse influences from the past. Over the centuries, Estonia has experienced various conquests, trade routes, and interactions with neighboring countries. This unique blend of traditions, customs, and values has left a lasting imprint on Estonian women.

Nature is deeply ingrained in Estonian cultural history. With its lush forests, pristine lakes, and breathtaking coastline, Estonia is a paradise for nature lovers. Growing up surrounded by this beauty, Estonian women develop a profound appreciation for their environment. They embody tranquility, resilience, and a strong sense of environmental responsibility.

The historical experiences of Estonia have shaped Estonian women into individuals with quiet strength and determination. Throughout the centuries, Estonia has faced foreign rule, invasions, and occupations. Despite these challenges, Estonians have preserved their national identity, independence, and resilience. Estonian women, in particular, carry this spirit within them, reflecting the struggles of their ancestors for freedom and the preservation of their unique culture.

Estonian cultural heritage is like a vibrant tapestry of folk traditions, music, and art. Traditional Estonian songs and dances hold a special place in their hearts and form an integral part of their cultural identity. Estonian women take great pride in preserving and celebrating these customs. The beauty of their traditional costumes, the enchanting melodies of their songs, and the graceful movements of their dances showcase their deep connection to their roots.

Independence and self-reliance are prominent traits among Estonian women, influenced by the country’s long-standing commitment to gender equality. Women have played vital roles in Estonian society, ranging from politics to education and the arts. Estonian women are known for their confidence, strong sense of self, and unwavering belief in their abilities. They value personal freedom, individualism, and independence, which are deeply rooted in their cultural heritage.

If you’re eager to meet and form a relationship with Estonian women, remember to appreciate and respect their cultural history and heritage. Authenticity, honesty, and genuine connections are highly valued by Estonians. Engaging in meaningful conversations, showing a sincere interest in their culture, and keeping an open mind are essential in building a bond with Estonian women. Joining local cultural events, exploring Estonia’s breathtaking nature together, and embracing their customs and traditions can lay a solid foundation for a meaningful relationship.

In a nutshell, Estonian women embody a rich cultural history and heritage. Their close connection with nature, resilience, and independent spirit are reflections of their past. By understanding and appreciating their cultural background, we gain a profound appreciation for the remarkable qualities that define Estonian women. To forge a genuine connection, approach them with an open heart, embrace their traditions, and genuinely celebrate their unique cultural heritage.

How to get the attention of Estonian women

If you are currently finding yourself inside of Estonia, then this part is not for you. In these paragraphs I will explain how you can increase your chances of meeting a special woman from Estonia, if you’re using an international online dating website. First, let me explain how you can get as much attention from Estonian women as possible.

The first thing everyone sees – even before getting onto your profile, is the profile picture. The profile appears in the search results, and it is shown when you write messages to others. The profile picture can therefore be the ultimate attention grabber, and there is something really simple you can do, to attract as much of the right attention as possible.

To put it simply: use a picture of your face, or a picture showing you from the shoulders and up. Don’t use a picture of your whole body. When your picture appears in various places, it is not very big, and it’s impossible to see you if you use a full-body picture. If you have a picture of your face instead, it will get much more attention. When someone is browsing the search results, they are very likely to see your face too – and then they WILL click onto your profile, if they like your face. (Tip: Don’t use a picture that shows your double chin)

For the rest of your pictures, the choice is pretty much yours. Use different ones, showing you in different scenarios or activities. Remember to smile on your pictures, as everyone loves to see a big and happy smile.

Keeping the attention of the Estonian Woman

Now that you’ve gotten the attention of an Estonian woman, you must keep it, and hopefully she will stay on your profile and get in touch with you. So, how does one keep the attention?

Your profile should be as interesting (and genuine) as possible. First of all, I highly recommend you to fill out the boxes containing your physical character traits such as height, hair/eye color, body type, skin color and so forth. One thing is to see you on a picture, but these informations will most likely help anyone visiting to better form a picture of how you look in real life.

Generally you should fill out as much information as possible in your profile. Usually there will be all kinds of boxes with Question and Answers readily made for you to fill out, and I highly recommend you doing so. By filling them out, it’s faily easy to imagine what you are like as a person, and that’s what makes your Estonian women visitors stay and read your profile.

The most important part of all these, is the specific profile text. This is where you can write whatever you want to. The floor is all yours, so to say, and this is where you can make a great impression for everyone visiting your profile. I would recommend you try write something unique about yourself, something that you are proud of and something you’d think would be interesting for others to read. What are some of your greatest achievements? Your favourite holiday? Your sunday afternooon activities? What is something you do every day?

One thing you should not do, is simply to make something up. Sure, if you listed something VERY impressive but untrue, it could very easily come and bite you in the behind later on.

Increase your chances of meeting Estonian women

So you’ve decided to register a profile on an international dating website, and you’ve made a nice profile for yourself. Here is the one thing that could prove to be the most effective yet.

You should acquire a paid membership. I know, it might not seem like the most appealing thing to do, but is WELL worth it. You will get all kinds of new features available, but the most important one is: You can write as MANY messages to all of the members that you possibly can. If you don’t have a paid membership, you can only read letters recieved from another member, with a paid subscription. You might as well take control of your adventure, and give yourself the possibility to send LOOTS of messages.

It is actually a clever idea to send letters/messages to multiple women. Some of them will not answer for numerous reasons, so you increase your chances of finding an Estonian woman greatly, if you decide to get a membership and write to multiple women.

You also get new features like improved profile-space in the search results, a badge also showing in the search results, an advertisement free experience and more. The single most important feature though, is the option to send unlimited mesages.



Owner at MeetForeignWomen

I have a recommendation for you, if you want to meet Estonian women. I think you should try the website called: SingleSlavic. Click and sign up, and you will meet more than 1.230.000 members. Contact as many as you can!


3945+ online

Alot of very active (and pretty) Slavic women
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Very fast and easy registration
Can be used for free or paid

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