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Guide to meeting and dating Kenyan Women

Welcome to the only page you will ever need in terms of learning about Kenyan women, where and how to meet them, what they are like and how you can successfully form a relationship with a woman from Kenya. Kenya is a country that is currently undergoing a huge transformation, and is considered to be one of the richest countries in Africa. It attracts alot of foreign investments, and this obviously becomes a benefit for the local population.

You have never had better chances than now to get in touch with Kenyan women. Whether you choose to travel to Kenya and experience the life for yourself, or you want to meet a beautiful Kenyan women via international online dating. Most people in Kenya and especially in bigger cities have access to internet, and you will be able to find thousands and thousands of single Kenyan women on all of the different online dating websites.

On this page you will learn about the best sites to use, if you want to get in touch with them through international online dating. You will learn more about their culture, what kind of traditions women in Kenya have, and how their heritage have shaped them into who they are today.

Meet Kenyan Women on these international dating websites


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LOTS of beautiful Kenyan Women here
Browse thousands of profile pictures
Register your profile in less than 2 minutes
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Single African women looking for men
They are very interested in moving abroad
Most of the profiles have beautiful pictures
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Why meet women from Kenya on these sites?

If you search for kenyan women or kenyan dating on a search engine, you will probably find millions of different results. There are hundreds of different companies/websites offering international dating services, and they all claim to have different features and ofcourse the best benefits. However, all of these features/benefits are mostly not what you need in order to actually meet Kenyan women. The most important thing to consider when choosing a side, is that the website must have ALOT of single Kenyan women registered on there. If they don’t, all of the other features are basically pointless.

That is the main reason for presenting the above international dating websites for you, if you are serious about meeting kenyan women. They have thousands and thousands of them registered – AND they also have some very nice features/benefits you can take advantage of. Here below you can read a more thorough explanation of them, and why they should be your choice.



If you are exclusively interested in meeting Kenyan women, then this website is definitely your best bet. As you can probably see in the name, the website is mainly focused on connecting women and men from Kenya, with people from all over the rest of the world. And they are doing a great job at it too. You can register your profile for free, and start browsing around and find thousands upon thousands of single Kenyan women on here, just waiting for your message.

KenyanCupid is owned and operated by the company called CupidMedia. They are managing alot of international dating websites, connecting people from all over the world. They are likely one of the worlds leading international online dating website providers. Which mean they are highly experienced in this area, and you will get a very safe (and fun) experience if you choose to use one of their websites. For instance, they actively fight against scammers and shady people using their websites.

If you decide to use KenyanCupid, you can enjoy lots of benefits, apart from there being so many people from Kenya. You can download their android app for example, and have VERY easy messaging. Don’t worry – if you are an iPhone user, you can simply use their website. It is heavily optimized for mobile usage, and you will have no issues by using the Safari (or any other) browser. 


AfroIntroductions is a giant website, that has single women (and men) from all over Africa – including a huge amount of women from Kenya too, and especially Nairobi. Just be sure, I checked myself while writing this article. I searched for women in Kenya aged 18-60 (WITH profile pictures) and the result showed more than 1000+ results. I could see that almost all of the members on first page was online now, and there was alot of members that had been registered recently.

One of the best benefits of this website is the huge amount of members. Sure, you’re reading this article and are likely interested in women from Kenya. If you want to expand your search and meet women from other African countries, this is definitely the place to do it. Website boasts of having more than 4.500.000 members!

If you choose this website, you can also register your profile for free, and start browsing the profiles. Upload your own picture, and you can even see other members profile pictures in big format (you will not regret this, I promise you). You can also send likes to show your interest, and send letters. By acquiring one of the different paid membership, you can enjoy even more benefits, and have an even better chance of meeting Kenyan women.


This site may not be the most obvious to choose when you want to meet Kenyan women. However it provides a great experience, and you can communicate with members in all kinds of ways – and you can ofcourse meet plenty of Kenyan women on here. There is more women from Europe, Eastern Europe and the like, but you are still able to find plenty of women from Kenya and the rest of Africa.

One thing that is great about this website is that the members are very active, and especially the women. If you register a profile here, and fill out your profile with relevant information and include some pictures, you will see for yourself quickly. The messages will start ticking in, sent by women who wants to get in touch with men from outside of their own country.

You can enjoy some very unique features on CharmRomance. For example you can live chat, as you can do on most international online dating websites. Beyond that, you can actually engage in webcam chat as well – where you can see and talk in real time with a beautiful woman. Whats not to like about that? I’d recommend you registering your profile for free, JUST to check out some of their very nice features.

What are Kenyan Women like?

Before explaining my thoughts on Kenyan women, please remember that not all women are the same. Each person is differrent from the next. This provided information is based on my own experiences, as I have lived in Kenya for a number of years, and as such have had many exchanges with (sweet) Kenyan women.

Kenyan women are seriously amazing! They’ve got this incredible energy, resilience, and a strong sense of community that’s just contagious. I mean, they’re all about celebrating their diverse culture and being proud of where they come from. These ladies have this awesome mix of traditional values and a modern outlook on life.

They’re confident, smart, and independent, always breaking barriers and going after their dreams, whether it’s in school, starting businesses, or making a difference in their communities. You can’t help but admire their work ethic, perseverance, and ability to conquer any challenge. Education is a big deal to them, and they’re always striving for excellence in whatever they do. On top of all that, Kenyan women are so warm and welcoming, with a real knack for making you feel at home.

Meeting Kenyan women is like stepping into a whole new world of wonder and discovery. They’ve got this special charm that’s simply irresistible. Whether you bump into them in the bustling cities, chill rural villages, or even online, you’ll find that Kenyan women are super open-minded and love engaging in meaningful conversations. They’re all about genuine interest and respect for their culture, and trust me, they’ve got some incredible stories and traditions to share.

These ladies have a strong sense of self and they’re looking for partners who value their independence and support their ambitions. By connecting with Kenyan women, you’re not just building friendships, but also broadening your horizons and getting a deeper understanding of this vibrant and diverse nation. It’s a chance to break down barriers, create lasting connections, and maybe even find love along the way.

Why do Kenyan Women date and find love abroad?

You know, for some Kenyan women, finding love in another country can be a total game-changer. And let me tell you, there are plenty of reasons why they’re all about it. First off, they’re all about new experiences and soaking up different cultures. It’s like this incredible opportunity to see the world through a fresh lens and learn all sorts of new things.

Plus, they’re looking for a partner who gets them, who shares their values and dreams, and who appreciates their unique background. Finding love abroad means blending traditions, languages, and customs, and creating a relationship that celebrates diversity in the most amazing way.


Now, here’s the thing: Kenyan women are fierce go-getters. They’ve got big ambitions and a burning desire to explore new horizons. So, it’s no wonder they’re into the idea of finding love outside their home country. Think about it—they can move to a different place where they can chase their dreams and grab hold of opportunities that might not be as accessible in Kenya.

Having a love partner by their side in this new adventure brings the best of both worlds. They’ve got someone who supports and understands them, helping them navigate this new environment and unlock all sorts of personal and professional growth. It’s like opening up a whole world of possibilities and taking their lives to the next level.

How Kenyas heritage has shaped and formed Kenyan women and men

Kenya’s got such an incredible history that’s shaped the badass nature of Kenyan women. I mean, it’s been a hub of cultures mixing and mingling for centuries! African tribes, Arab traders, and European colonizers all left their mark, creating this unique blend that makes Kenyan women who they are. Back in the day, there were these amazing female leaders like the Matriarchal Giriama society and the warrior queen Mekatilili wa Menza who totally rocked the boat and fought for their communities.

And then the colonial era hit, and British rule brought a whole new set of challenges. But Kenyan women didn’t back down—they stood side by side with the guys in the struggle for independence, leading movements for social and political change. Their history is all about resilience, determination, and community spirit, and you can still see those qualities shining through in Kenyan women today.

After Kenya gained its independence, things started to change for the better, especially for Kenyan women. They rolled up their sleeves and fought for their rights and empowerment. The 2010 Constitution of Kenya was a game-changer, recognizing the importance of gender equality and affirmative action. That opened up doors for women to get in on the political scene, dive into education, and kick butt in the workforce.

You’ll find Kenyan women making waves in all sorts of fields—politics, business, academia, arts—you name it! Groups like Maendeleo ya Wanawake have been their cheerleaders, fighting for women’s rights and giving them the support they need to thrive economically and socially. Education, healthcare, and entrepreneurship initiatives have been game-changers too, breaking down barriers and letting Kenyan women chase after their dreams. Sure, there are still battles to fight, like gender-based violence and cultural norms, but Kenyan women don’t back down.

They keep fighting for a society that’s fair and equal for all. Talk about a history that’s made them fierce, determined, and unstoppable!

Tips to greatly increase your chances of meeting and dating Kenyan Women

Now that you’ve learned about women from Kenya, it is time to get down to business. It is time for you to get started and actually meet Kenyan women, and hopefully find a special someone to form a relationship with. In this last part of the article, you will get the tips you need in order to greatly increase your chances of success.

The first you you should do is choose one of the dating websites above and register a profile. When you have done that, come back to this page, and follow the tips below.

Fill out your profile thoroghly and add pictures. This is the first thing you should do, and depending on how well you do it, it will affect the rest of your online dating journey. Don’t worry, you can ofcourse add to it contionusly. The reason that you should do this is very simple – noone likes to see an empty profile. If you get a Kenyan woman to come check your profile out, what do you think she will do, if it has no information at all, and no pictures? She will leave your profile right away, and forget everything about it.

Humans are visual creatures, and especially when it comes to dating and online dating. We need to like what we see, and use what we see in different imagined situations. How can she even begin to determine if she is interested or not, if all she sees is an empty profile? The answer is simple, she cannot, and will deem you and your profile as being not serious. So get working, fill in your profile with all kinds of information about yourself. Make it as interesting as possible, but leave some for your conversations as well.

When it comes to your pictures, you should use various ones. Your profile picture is the most important one, as it is the one that will be shown in the search results, showcasing all of the profiles. I’d recommend you using a picture of your face, as it will attract the attention of those women who actually like it – and thats the whole point, isnt it? For the rest of your pictures, you can use ones that show your full figure/body, you in fancy clothes, you working on your hobbies or relaxing in your garden. If you don’t have any recent pictures, you should get a friend to help you take some.

Get a paid membership, and get ahead of your competition. It wil cost you some dollars, and the amount depends on how long you acquire a membership for. I’d advise you to get a membership of 3 months or more at once, so you can take your time and get to know single Kenyan women on the website, without having to renew it at a higher cost.

Now, if you’re serious about meeting Kenyan women, investing in a membership shouldn’t be a problem for you. It’s a cheap price to pay – just imagine that you are putting yourself in a position to get all the success that you want to. The most important benefit is, that you can send an unlimited amount of messages, and the recipients can read and answer them as well. If you dont have one though, only other members with premium memberships can read them. Take full control of your experience, and invest in a membership. If you are serious and want to visit Kenya and form a relationship with a Kenyan woman, isn’t an international online dating membership the least of your costs? I would say so – and it is the one that can grant you access to Kenyan women’s inboxes VERY QUIUCKLY.

One thing is that you get the benefits of being able to message everyone. You will also enjoy other benefits that can greatly improve your chances of meeting Kenyan women. For example, your profile will be at the top of the search results, and may even have more space than the others, depending on your membership type. When you do send a message. it will appear at the top of the recipients inbox. You will be able to provide more information in your profile, than members without a paid membership. PLUS you will enjoy an ad-free experience. What’s not to like?

Start messaging, and be respectful. This one should be obvious, but I’m going to include it anyways. When you got your profile and a membership, start sending messages to Kenyan women you find interested. Don’t just send a message to 1 profile – send letters to many different ones. There can be various different reasons as to why one might not respond – and it doesn’t matter. Increase your chances of success by sending letters to different Kenyan women at once. Remember to be respectful!

You should also not send the same letter to everyone, as they will see right through your generic letter, and therefore not respond to it. Be original, and ask about something in their profile, for example. Include a little compliment and make sure your message reflects that you have actually READ their profile.

When you at a point end up having a really nice conversation with someone and you want to take it even further, you should stop communicating with other Kenyan women. Keep your focus on the one you want to pursue things with, and let the other women know that that you have found someone, and you want to see where it takes you. It always pays off to be respectful and mindful of other peopls feelings.




Owner at MeetForeignWomen

I have a recommendation for you, if you want to meet Kenyan women. I think you should try the website called: KenyanCupid. Click and sign up, and you will meet more than 2.120.000 members. Contact as many as you can!


2159+ online

LOTS of beautiful Kenyan Women here
Browse thousands of profile pictures
Register your profile in less than 2 minutes
Can be used for free or paid

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