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Colombian women from the South America is a very popular type of women from alot of men. Most Colombian women are very good-looking, with great curves, and with nicely passionate personalities.

In many parts of Colombia there is quite alot of poverty, which is general for alot of South America. Colombian women increasingly want to find a partner outside of their country – in search for better lives, a great adventure and of course a partner for life.

Colombia is currently undergoing great developments, but that doesn’t stop alot of women from wanting to meet men from all over the world.

In this article you will learn all about Colombian women, how and where to meet them – including high quality tips that will increase your chance of success significantly!

Colombian women are looking for partners on these websites


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ALOT of Colombian Women registered
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Site with most active Colombian women
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Plenty of Colombian women on here
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Why are these dating sites best for meeting Colombian women?

There are multiple reasons for why these are your best choices in meeting women from Colombia. The most important reason is that these websites actually have alot of REAL Colombian women on there.

Many websites will proclaim to have millions or hundreds of thousands of members from all over the world – but that doesn’t mean there are going to be plenty of Colombian women. I have checked these websites myself, and I can guarantee you the presence of alot of women from Colombia. The websites are also being run and operated by a highly respected company with lots of years experience in the online dating industry. This is your guarantee for a safe and pleasureable online dating experience.

Below here you can read much more details about why these specific websites can prove to be a very good choice.


As you can probably see on the name of this website, this one has the most Colombian women registered. It is mainly focusing on women and dating in Colombia, but there are alot of members from the rest of South America as well.

Website claims to have more than 2.000.000 members in total. That does not mean there are 2.000.000 Colombian women on here though. There will also be alot of men registered, and women from other countries.

You can register for free on this website and start browsing profiles straight away. If you upload your own profile-picture, you can even look at other members pictures in a big format. Personally I like looking at pictures on this website, as there are alot of very beautiful women!

While writing this article I wanted to see exactly how much activity there is. So I logged in, and it showed there were about 1000 profiles online – keep in mind that it is about 06.44 in the morning in Colombia at this point. This suggests to me that there are alot of activity on this website, probably all day and night.

One of the better things about the members on this website is that they are also in all kinds of ages. You will find young Colombian women as well as more mature Colombian women. Alot of them will also have put in quite some effort in providing information about themselves in their profile – which proves that they are serious in what they’re looking for.


LatinAmericanCupid is also a great choice when you want to meet and connect with Colombian women. The website has a HUGE amount of members, and as you guessed, the vast majority is from Latin American countries. 

On the front page (before registering or logging in), you can see that the website has more than 5.000.000 members from all over the world. AS you can imagine this website is very active and probably one of the biggest lating american dating sites there exists. While writing this article there are more than 2730 members online and ALOT of those are women from South America and Colombia as well. One of the best things about this website is definitely the big amount of members you can browse through.

To be sure that there is a sufficient amount of Colombian women registered, I went and checked while writing this article. I searched for women from/living in Colombia, aged 18-60 WITH a picture on their profile. The result showed more than 1000+ members, and pretty much everyone on the first page had been registered recently. (They get a small badge next to their picture saying “new”.

On of the other cool things about this site is the different pre-defined searches you can do. You can search for profiles near your area, most popular, your matches, new profiles etc. The best one though, in my opinion, is the one called Women of Latin America Gallery” – I’ll leave it up to you, to imagine what beauty you will find in here.


It’s not a secret at all that InternationalCupid is one of my favourite online dating sites of all time when it comes to meeting women from abroad and also from Colombia. There are so many active members from all parts of our planet, and the amount of activity in here is just great.

While writing this article there are more than 4330+ members online, and half of them are women from all kinds of countries who wants to find a special someone. But how many women from Colombia are actually on here? I did the same search as I did above – I searched from Colombian Women aged 18-60 WITH a profile picture. This search resulted in more than 1000+ profiles, and again almost all of the profiles on the first page had been regsitered recently. This suggests that alot of new profiles are joining every single day!

InternationalCupid also offers all kinds of pre-defined searches which you can use. It is also very easy to make your own and even save them for later use as well. You can search based on where you want your future woman to live, her age, physical traits, skin color and much more. One of my favourite pre-defined searches to use is to search for most popular women on the website. Here you can always look at some of the most beautiful women there are registered.

InternationalCupid is run by the company called CupidMedia. It is a very respected and highly experienced company, who owns and runs a long list of online dating websites. You will therefore be in safe hands, and have the ability to meet plenty of Colombian women online!

What are Colombian Women like?

Of course it’s not possible to describe what each and every Colombian woman is like, but here I’ll try to give you a pretty generalized and broad description of the Colombian women.

Women from Colombia are generally very nice, passionate, open-minded, free spirited, sociable, beautiful, strong willed and pretty independent in most areas. 

Colombian Women are often brought up in rather poor areas and neighbourhoods, and can generally be very drawn to people that possess wealth and plenty of materialistic things. Not necessarily because in the aspect of being shallow – but rather that they have not had the possibility to have this before in their life. Colombia is generally a rather poor country.

You can also very much count on your Colombian woman to be very much into having a great party. Don’t be surprised if she is also able to drink more than you – and you can very much expect her to be a very keen dancer as well!

As many Colombian women faces hardships in their life and upbringing, the are also quite hardworking, focused and aware of things that needs to be done. Both in your life, her own life, in the house, at the workplace etc.

You might also notice your Colombian woman to be strong-willed and ready to put up a “fight” with you, if she feels that you’re wrong about something or she wants it to happen her way. This applies to alot of South American women, and I guess it is a sign of their passion for many things in life.

You should be able to communicate fairly well in English with the majority of the Colombian women. Internet access and smartphones are available everywhere, and English is becoming more and more available throughout the country. If you really want to impress a Colombian women, you can try and leearn some Spanish and try to talk with her in Spanish. She will definitely appreciate the effort!

Keep in mind that of course not all women are the same, and these informations are purely based on my encounters with Colombian women.

Colombian dating culture

The Colombian dating culture and womens roles in it, is very much like in the rest of South America.

I have noticed something about the women in Colombia though. Alot of the “high quality” women and the really good girls you want to get your hands on and form a relationship, you must arm yourself with patience. Alot of it.

If you find yourself a great girl, don’t be surprised if she wants to know pretty well before getting into bed with you. Like 2-3 months of getting to know each other, before getting into good bed stuff. Of course, if you want to have a genuine and really long term relationship with her, it is absolutely worth the wait.

In Colombia there is something called a “machista” culture. It is a man who is machista, and he can either be a good or bad machista. A bad machista could try to “own” her woman and be aggressive etc. A good machista will treat his woman like a queen. Hold the doors for her, pull out the chair for her and just be a true gentleman. I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you, which one is most desired by Colombian women?

Tips that will increase your chances of meeting beautiful Colombian women

The “easiest” way of meeting Colombian women would be to locate yourself to Colombia and get in with the locals. If you’re like me, that’s not really a desirable option. That’s why your best chances of finding a beautiful Colombian woman, who would want to move to your location, is on an international online dating website. Here are some tips for you, on how to increase your likelyhood of succes by using an online Colombian dating website.

Your profile-picture is the attention grabber. When the Colombian women are browsing through all of the profiles, all they see of each member is the profile picture. It is also the very first thing they see – even before going onto your profile. The “job” of the profile picture is therefore to grab the attention of the Colombian woman as effective as possible. And we want it to grab the attention of the right women.

My experience says that using a face picture, or a picture from your shoulders and up, gives the best results. By using a picture like this, the women can see what you face looks loke immediately. If they like what they see, they are very likely to click on your face and read more about you. If you use a full-body picture of yourself, she cannot see what you look like. However, if the member next to you has a face picture, her attention will most likely go to that member instead of you.

Make something of your profile. All dating websites have the possibilty to edit and write something in your profile, and I highly suggest you fill out all of the forms thoroughly. The easiest ones will be to describe your physical traits such as height, weight, color of eyes/hair/skin, body type etc. This will give the visiting Colombian women a nice ability to kind of imagine what you look like, if you’d be standing in front of them.

The more important one would be the profile text. Think of this as a stage where the word is yours, and you can sell yourself as effectively as possible. Why are you a desirable person? Whats your favourite hobbies? Why should someone want to get into communicating with you? Remember that you don’t have to make this profile text perfect the first time you write it. you can continue to edit it and perfect it along the way, as you think of something to add or improve.

Purchase a membership and take control. It may sound very appealing, but this is probably the most important thing you can do in order to get successful in meeting Colombian women. All dating websites (at least the serious ones) will have to earn money somehow. Most of them do so buy requiring a paid subscription in order to either write messages or read messages. So; if you don’t get a membership, you can ONLY write to other people that have an active subscription.

If you acquire one for yourself, you can write to ALL of the women that you possibly can. You can basically get in contact with hundreds of thousands of Colombian women on the above websites, if you acquire a membership. I’m pretty sure one (or most likely more) of them are very interested to hear from you.

There will also be other advantages such as no advertisements on the website, more profile space in the search results, a badge for your profile increasing the attention to your profile etc. These are also all very nice, but the ability to write all of the messages that you possibly can, is definitely the best!



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3995+ online

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Focus is mainly on Colombian Women
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Can be used for free or paid

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