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Eastern European women are alot of times looking outside of their own countries in order to find a loving man. The number of women from Eastern Europe who engages in relationships with men from all over the world is becoming higher and higher.

It is quite difficult to say why though, as there can be numerous reasons for this. Maybe there are not enough appealing men for the women, or maybe they’re chasing a better life. A life with much higher stability and highly improved economic possibilities.

Another reason could be, that it’s become VERY easy to begin the quest of finding love abroad. With the internet and it’s abundance of abilities, you can pretty much get started in just a few minutes.

There are a huge number of websites, which allows you to get in touch with women from Eastern Europe, and begin your dating adventure quickly.

Best dating sites to meet Eastern European Women


5999+ online

ALOT of Eastern European Women
One of the biggest foreign dating sites
Hundreds+ of new members every day
Can be used for free or paid

3658+ online

Women from Russia + Eastern Europe
Alot of very beautiful women registered
Millions of very beautiful members
Can be used for free or paid

2119+ online

Plenty of Eastern European Women
Website is mainly with Ukrainian focus
Browse millions of profiles world-wide!
Can be used for free or paid

Why these sites for meeting beautiful eastern European women?

They have been chosen for a number of reasons – but they all have the biggest and most important factor in common, when it comes to meeting Eastern European Women. It is actually very possible for you to do so on these websites. There are plenty of women from Eastern Europe single and ready to mingle with you. More and more members are joining rapidbly, thereby just increasing your chances basically every day.

The websites that has been chosen are of very high quality, and all of them has a HUGE amount of members in their databases. I guarantee you they have more members than you will EVER need. I’ve used all of them a couple of times myself, and everytime I do, I see tonnes of new members that I’ve never seen before.

Below here you can read much more about the websites themselves, members, and more specific things that could be to your advantage.


This is one of my absolutely favourite websites when it comes to meeting Eastern European Women. First if all, the sheer amount of members is astonishing. On the front page they claim to have more than 4.000.000 members throughout the whole world – of course alot of them are men too. It is just impressive to me, that a total of 4.000.000 people have decided to join this website. It definitely tells me that it has some serious quality to it, which I completely agree to the times I’ve used it.

Now, let’s see how many women from Eastern Europe you can actually meet. I’ve done some searching and testing for you, to kind of get a feeling for it. Eastern Europe consists of multiple countries, so here you can see exactly how many is registered from the different countries. 

  • Women from Poland: 1000+
  • Women from Estonia: 100+
  • Women from Latvia: 390+
  • Women from Lithuania: 540+
  • Women from Ukraine: 1000+
  • Women from Hungary: 530+
  • Women from Czechia: 435+
  • Women from Slovakia: 145+
  • Women from Slovenia: 70+
  • Women from Belarus: 1000+
  • Women from Romania: 1000+

As you can see there are ALOT of Eastern European women on this website, and I’d definitely recommend you giving it a try. It takes almost no time to register a profile. If you decide to upload a profile picture, you can even see other members pictures in a big format, which is pretty nice. (There are alot of beautiful women on here) One of the cool things about this website is also that you can find women from all over the world. You never know when you might want to expand your search a little.


This website may sound like it exclusively contains Russian women, don’t be fooled for one second! It is simply a website name, and you’d be very surprised to see the huge amount of Eastern European women on here. The member numbers are surprisingly close to the ones showing in InternationalCupid.

One of my most favourite things on this website is the huge amonut of VERY beautiful Russian women. Besides that, you’ll also find alot of women from especially Poland and Ukraine, which is very sweet. On this website there some member-galleries too, which I think you should definitely give a look, if you want to give your eyes a little treat. When registered, go to Search –> Popular searches –> and here you can click on either ‘Russian Bikini Babes Photo Gallery’ or on ‘Glamorous Russian Women Photo Gallery”. You are welcome 😉

This website is owned and run by a company called Cupid Media. This company owns and operates a big amount of online and international dating websites, and has done so for many years. Their experience is very much to your advantage, as the website provides a great user experience, with a great and clear focus on meeting beautiful women. You’ll find plenty of beautiful Eastern European women on here, I guarantee you that.


UkraineDate is another great choice when it comes to meeting Eastern European women online. The main focus is on meeting women from the Ukraine, but there are definitely plenty of women to connect with from the rest of Eastern Europe. 

The total number of active members is not as big as on InternationalCupid or RussianCupid, but UkraineDate has a great community with lots of profiles that are highly active. At any given time I’d say theres probably around 1000 or more online at this website, which is pretty nice.

This website also has an app which you can download for your smartphone, which is a great thing. It allows you to keep being in contact with your Eastern European women, even if you are out and about. The app is very easy to use and, very user friendly and it makes messaging extremely effective.

This website also has some galleries which you can watch to kind of get inspiration and see what alot of the members on the website can look like. One other great thing is the search and filtering functions. You can create highly target searches, so the website only shows women based on your preferences. For example, you can choose to show only women from Eastern Europe between certain ages, and that’s exactly what the search  results will show you.

What are Eastern European women like?

Generally speaking, a women from Eastern Europe will be a strong, independent women. She will also be intelligent, loving, kind and open minded – and of course beautiful, as many women are from the Eastern Europe countries.

When you live in Eastern Europe, there may very well be some challenges in regards to economics and resources. That is why, most women from Eastern European countries (also) enjoys the small things in life. Your future Eastern European woman will enjoy a walk on the beach, a trip to the local market, museum or perhaps a park.

Furthermore they love their families a lot. If you’re lucky enough to be invited to dine with an Eastern European family, you must prepare to be served A LOT of food.

At first glance or when you first encounter a women from Eastern Europe, she may seem quite uninterested and perhaps even cold. Fear not. When you are no longer viewed as a stranger, you will notice how she gradually opens up to you. It may be a good idea to start out slowly. Build a genuine relationship with her, and show interest in her. When you’ve built some kind of emotional relationship, you will see a completely new and joyful side of her!

Looking for eastern european women for marriage?

Then you can definitely use one of the above websites – in fact I encourage you to.

I’ve seen many websites throughout the internet which offers “order a bride”-like services, which can be a bit tricky. You have no guarantees for it to work, and it is usually incredibly expensive, as you have to pay the company alot of money too. You never know what you’re going to get, and frankly, I’ve heard many disappointing stories about this.

It’s much better to take matters into your own hand when you’re looking for eastern european women for marriage. On these online dating websites, people have the opportunity to write profile texts and so forth.

..and you know what? Alot of Eastern European women do that. Especially the ones who wants to get married. They’ll type in their profiles, that they’re looking for the man of their dreams, and want to get married to him.

There are also most likely a variety of benefits to getting married with your Eastern European women, in regards to getting her to come live with you. Of course, this depends on your local laws and regulateives, and in this regard I’m definitely no expert.

When it comes to marrying a woman from another country such as Eastern Europe, I’d highly advice you to get consultation from a legal expert in your local area. You definitely don’t want to skip corners with this, as it can have some serious and unwanted consequences. Might as well be proactive about it!

The language – can you communicate with an Eastern European woman?

Short answer will be yes.


Because the women you are going to meet on an international dating website, will have some knowledge of English. Or she will be willing to learn at least.

Generally speaking, if she is from a capital city or a larger city, she can speak English on a rather good communicative level. If she’s from 18-40 years of age (approximately), she is likely to have received English lessons in school as well – shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t let minor language barriers get in the way of a great relationship.

If you’re serious about meeting Eastern European Women, this is for you

In this paragraph I’ll share some information which can GREATLY increase your chances of success and meeting an Eastern European women for real. Let’s be honest, one will not just come knocking at your door. You’ll need to put on your ‘working gloves’ and start to work towards it. But if you read and follow these tips, you may get there sooner than you think!

Acquire a paid-membership. It may not sound as appealing to begin with, but in reality, the benefits FAR outweighs the cost of a membership. First of all, on like 99% on online dating websites, you need one to be able to send and/or read messages from other members. This factor alone will open up a sea of opportunities for you. With a paid/premium-membership, you are able to write to as many members as you possibly can. And I do suggest you to write to alot of women, before you find a lady you want to get more serious with. It will take time and efforts, and you’ll most likely not be able to connect with everyone you write to, for any number of reasons.

There are also other benefits to having a membership like increased visibility in the search results, no advertisements on the page, more profile space etc. – but the biggest benefit is definitely the ability to write an unlimited amount of messages to anyone!

Fill out your profile thoroughly. The Eastern European women visiting your profile, should get sufficient information about you, so they can start imagining what you are like in real life. If they don’t get any information about you, they will most likely leave your profile again. By having it filled out thoroughly, you also show that you are actually taking it serious, and not just having a look-around.

Besides the easy things to fill out would be physical traits such as height, weight, age, eye/hair-color, body type and so forth. Most websites will have prefixed boxes for you to fill out, which should be over pretty quickly – might as well have it done, so visitors can picture what you look like.

You also have the actual profile-text, which I’d say is much more important. Here you can write whatever you want about yourself. If you can get creative with it, you should definitely do that. It’s all about standing out from the crowd – and most people will not have filled it out, or it will say something like “Hi I’m John and I like to go fishing and on vacation”. Instead, try to share some unique things about yourself. What do you dream about? What are your most attractive personal traits? What do you like to do on a sunday afternoon? 

Remember: You don’t have to write it all at once. I think that gradually editing and adding to it makes it much better, as more things come to mind for you.

Have some good and up to date pictures of yourself. If a profile contains no pictures at all, it does not recieve alot of attention at all, compared to profiles with pictures. The vast majority of profiles have pictures, and I’d say that everyone browsing through search results, are not likely to click on the one with no picture.

Your profile picture is the most important picture. It is the one that will show in the search results amongst all the other guys, trying to get themselves an Eastern European Women. So how do you stand out in that situation? Well, a membership provides you with a bigger piece of the space, but I have another tip for you as well. Only use a picture of your face, or a picture which shows you from the shoulders and up, and the reason is simple.

The pictures in the search results are not very big, in fact they are pretty small. If you use a full-body picture, it’s pretty difficult to see what you actually look like. Chances are, that the women would go to a profile, where they can actually see what the face looks like – simply because the picture with a face will catch their attention quicker and more effectively. (Please don’t use a picture showing your double-chin)

For the rest of your pictures, I’d recommend to use a variety of them. Show yourself in different scenarios such as from a vacation, a fiship trip, eating at a nice restaurant, hiking in the hills. Try to have the pictures reflect what you like to do in your daily life, to make it authentic. You want to attract Eastern European women that share the same interests as you, don’t you?



Owner at MeetForeignWomen

I have a recommendation for you, if you want to meet Eastern European Women. I think you should try the website called: InternationalCupid. Click and sign up, and you will meet more than 4.500.000 members. Contact as many as you can!


5999+ online

ALOT of Eastern European Women
One of the biggest foreign dating sites
Hundreds+ of new members every day
Can be used for free or paid

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