Japanese women → How to meet & date them


Japan is a pretty populated country, with a whopping 126million+ citizens – and of course alot of them are beautiful Japanese women.

The population in Japan is highly educated, and has great access to internet, as pretty much everyone can get online. Which in turn means, that there is also alot of Japanese women finding themselves on international online dating websites.

In this article you will learn more about Japanese women, what they are like, their culture, how and where you can meet them, and lastly some tips on how to get started successfully with your new adventure.

Meet Japanese Women on these  websites


• 610+ online

  • Site with most Japanese women
  • Big community with 1.000.000+ profiles
  • Lots of Japanese women in all ages!
  • Can be used for free and paid


• 2610+ online

  • Asian women from all over the world
  • Huge site with 4.500.000+ profiles
  • Alot of very active members
  • Can be used for free and paid


• 4150+ online

  • ALOT of Japanese Women registered
  • One of the biggest foreign dating sites
  • Hundreds of new members every day
  • Can be used for free and paid

So why should one of these websites be used to meet beautiful Japanese women?

The amount of datingsites in general is huge, and new ones are appearing every day. They all claim to have different features, and different reasons as to why you should use theirs. So how do you choose the right one, to find what you’re looking for?

The answer is pretty simple, if you’re looking for Japanese women. The best site for you, is the one with the most active Japanese women, and an international one – to make sure they are interested in dating men from other countries.

Below here you can read more about why these websites have been included, and what makes them great options for your Japanese dating adventures.


JapanCupid is probably the best (and most obvious) choice when it comes to meeting Japanese women. The website has millions of users in total, and the amount active females from Japan is just about overwhelming. You’ll also see new members coming in by the hundreds every week. Not only will you find women currently in Japan, but there is also alot of Japanese women located outside of Japan.

You can register completely for free, but withouht an active premium membership subscription, your options are pretty limited (as with any serious online dating website). If you decide to acquire a membership though, you have full control of your experience, and you can message as many women as you possibly can.

JapanCupid owned and operated by the company called CupidMedia. They are a company who started their first international online dating website all the way back in early 2000’s. You can therefore count on them having lots of experience in running dating websites – and they certainly know how to make their websites, in order for people to connect and establish relationships all around the world.

JapanCupid is probably your best bet for meeting Japanese women. Specifically the amount of women from Japan registered will make it alot easier for you – unless you happen to find yourself in Japan already.


AsianDating is also a GREAT choice when it comes to meeting women from Japan. As you probably guessed already, the vast majority of women members on here are from somewhere within Asia, which also includes Japan. You will also find alot of members from: the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and so forth. You will especially also find alot of women from the Philippines.

To be absolutely sure that you’ll find lots of Japanese women on here, I did a search. I searched for women in Japan aged 18-65 WITH a profile picture. The results shows more than 1000+ members, and almost all of the profiles on the first page is newly registered. There is thousands and thousands of Japanese women on here!

One of the better things about this website is, that you can find people from all over Asia. It has alot more members in total compared to JapanCupid, but they are more spread out all over the place. You never know, maybe you would end up having a relationship with a women from another country than Japan?

This website has alot of members in total, with more than 4.500.000 members in total. I’d take a guess and say, that no matter what the time of the day is, you’ll find thousands and thousands of members online, ready to start a conversation with you.


InternationalCupid is probably one of my favourite internation dating websites, and definitely the one I have used the most. Not only does it have PLENTY of Japanese women, but you will find women from ALL over the world. The website has millions of members, and they are from all parts of the globe. That is one of my favourite things about it.

You may want to find a special Japanese lady now, but you never know if that might change. On InternationalCupid you’ll be able to find Japanese women, Filipino women, Thai women, African women, northern European women and much more. All parts of the world is represented on here by beautiful women.

It is also completely free to register here on InternationalCupid, but all of the best features comes with the (relatively cheap) premium membership. If you do something as simple as uploading your own profile picture, you can view all of the beautiful womens pictures in a bigger format. I’d highly recommend you to do just that, you wont regret it 😉

InternationalCupid offers a smartphone app (for android). It’s very easy to use, and you can do everything on it, as you can do on the website itself – write messages, browse profiles, upload pictures etc. Especially the messaging system is very easy to use, and makes for effective communication when you’re  not at your computer.

What are Japanese women like?

It’s not possible to describe whate every Japanese woman is like personally in a paragraph like this. Still, there is alot of culture and tendencies which apply to alot of Japanese women, and you can read all about it here.

In general Japanese women are beautiful, sweet, caring, empathetic, funny, affectionate and most often in a great mood. You will probably also notice that she will be very “soft” and kind in her conversations with you, at least to begin with 😉 There is something called “omoiyari” in Japanese culture, which is a pretty interesting concept. In short: It is “The Japanese art of compassion”. So what does that mean?

It means, that it is ingrained into Japanese women, to put themselves in the shoes of other people, and see what things are like from their perspective. Partly to anticipate the needs of the other person, but also to be a genuinely compassionate human. If you get your Japanese woman mad because of something you did, it might be another story though 😉

Don’t get yourself labeled as a “Charai”. Quickly translated, Charai means “player” (someone who flirts and sleeps with alot of different women). Especially foreign people can be associated with being a Charai quicker than anyone. It is pretty easy to avoid it though, by following some simple rules. Don’t get too flirty too fast, in an excessive way. Don’t

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