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Italy is a country located in the southern part of Europe. It has a population of about 60million, where about half of them are Italian women. 

Italian women are known around the world to be exotic, sexy and beautiful. They come from a country which has a great summer with nice and hot temperatures, plenty of beaches to get a stunning tan. They also have some delicious foods to maintain good-looking bodies, and ALOT of wine when it’s time to get loose and a bit wild.

Furthermore Italy has alot of great history and culture. It is a place where fashion and art are very much appreciated, and you’ll see alot of it. Italy even has more World Heritage Sites than anywhere in the world, making it a great place to visit.

In this article you will learn how to get in touch with Italian women, and how you can start dating them – even if you’re not in Italy.

Italian Women are dating on this website


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ALOT of Italian Women registered
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Why this website to meet Italian women?

Different dating websites all have different benefits and features that makes them stand out from each other, which is great. We all like different things. However, do you know what the most important factor is, if you want to meet an Italian woman on a website?

Answer is quite simple: the amount of (active) Italian women you can actually find on there. The more you can find, the higher are your chances of meeting someone special. In the next paragraph, you can read about why this website would be a great choice for you.


InternationalCupid is without a doubt one of the biggest and most diverse international online dating websites. Not only that, you will find an incredible about of Italian women on here. Let me show you an example:

I searched for woman from Italy, aged 18-60 WITH a profile picture. The result showed more than 1000+ Italian women, and alot of them on the first page had been registered newly. This suggests that alot of members are joining often!

This website is being run and operated by a company called CupidMedia. It is a highly respected and experienced company, whom has been running different international online dating websites since 2000. You could say they are eading the industry of connecting people worldwide through their websites.

As this website contains so many members, they’ve had to implement an effective filtering system. You can search based on age, gender, location, pictures or no pictures – you can even filter the results based on what the members should be looking for (penpal, friendship, romance/dating etc)…Even their appearence!

What’s more is that they have even made a smartphone app which you can use. It is very effective at providing easy communication between members, so you can stay in touch with your Italian women even though you’re not at the computer. 

I’d also suggest that you take a look at their success stories – they have alot of former members who found their special someone on the website. It’s great motivation to read, especially when you’re not feeling like it will be a success at all.

What are Italian Women like?

Even though it’s not really possible to specifically describe 30million women from Italy, I’m going to write some general informations here about what Italian women are like.

One thing that pretty much all Italian women have in common is, that they’re pretty close with their family. That means, if you’re dating a woman from Italy, you can be sure of dealing with and hearing alot about her family too. They are close, and with such as closeness comes passion too. I’m sure you can imagine an Italian family arguing over a nice meal? The passion is there, and everyone still oves one another, even though voices gets loud and gestures get a bit wild.

That also means that Italian women are emotional human beings. With passion comes emtions, and with emotions come lots of feelings too. The ability to understand and connect with other humans, to be caring, comforting and supporting. These are great characteristics to have in a woman.

With the passion Italian women have, you can be sure to never get bored being in a relationship. Women from Italy has a great sense of humour, they are spontaneous and generally possess bold personalities which allows for alot of fun with great adventures.

Also: I’m sure you’re familiar with Italian foods. Pizza, pasta, lasagna, Foccacia and other breads etc. My point is, that you can expect to have a woman who will eat plenty of food and still stay in good shape – and you can expect delicious foods most days.

Italian Dating culture – courting the italian woman

Italy is located in Europe, more specifically southern Europe. Generally you could say that the dating culture is quite similar to other European countries. Generally Italian women will meet men through friends/family members/ co-workers and of course with online dating. However, there is a relatively big amount of women who wants to find their special someone in another country, through international online dating.

If you’re looking to court/impress your potential Italian woman, you could definitely show some interest in her family pretty soon in the conversation/message exchange you’re having. Ask about her closes family such as parents or siblings, how many she’s got, how they are doing in life etc. Furthermore you could share the same about yourself, and especially what your relationship is like with your mother. Italian women sees the way you treat your mother, as the way you’re going to treat her – so be respectful.

Another thing which is important: is to “earn the trust” of her male family members. They’re known to be pretty protective of their delicate women family members – whether it’s her father, an uncle, cousin etc. You will have a hard time if you’re not on the right path with them.

When you’re still getting to know each other on dates etc., it’s important that you try to look and act your best. You must make an effort to ‘impress’ her, and if you do, she will surely notice that. Don’t show up on your date in an old t-shirt with surfer shorts. Put on a nice shirt, pants and wear your nice shoes. It’s not because looks matter the most for Italian women, but you will go along way by doing this, as you’re showing you want to impress her.

In Italy generally, there is alot of flirting going on between men and women. If you flirt, or at least try, effort is always appreciated, you will get some nice points as well. Italian women loves to flirt and have conversations, and wont give herself away to you too easily. You must “work” for it.

Recommendations if you’re serious about meeting Italian women

In my opinion, your best chance of meeting an Italian woman is through an internet – unless you’re currently located in Italy. You have plenty of websites to choose from, but if you use InternationalCupid, I guarantee that you can find plenty of them there. If you find another website with even more Italian women on it, I’ll be happy to hear from you.

Now, lets assume that you’re ready to begin your dating adventure on (any) dating website. If you follow these tips I’ve written for you here, your chances of success will improve greatly. I’m using them myself and I’d say they provide pretty good results. (I promise you it’s not my extremely good looks that’s doing it, I’m an average joe).

Have good pictures and a face-picture as profile picture. It’s actually the very first thing everyone sees, even before entering your profile – your profile picture. It’s the picture everyone will see of you in the search results. It’s the picture Italian women will see first, when you’ve sent them a message. So why does it have to be a face picture?

For a relatively simple reason. You want to attract the attention of women who find your face interesting. The women will be looking at hundreds of profiles in the search results, and subconsciously be looking at pretty much all of them. Their gaze will most likely travel to those pictures where a face can be seen. Especially if they like your face, which they will determine almost instantly (that’s just how our mind work). Might as well give them the chance to like it straight away, right? If it’s a full-body picture, it’s simply not as attention-grabbing.

For your other pictures you can select different ones. I’d recommend you choosing pictures from various situations, showing you from different angles. Can be pictures from a sports event you attended, from a vacation, family gathering (don’t show other people in the pictures, though), or maybe from a nice restaurant visit. TIP: Don’t have selfie-pictures showing off your double-chin..

Maintain the attention of the visitors with your thoroughly filled profile. What does everyone want to see on the profile they’re visiting? That’s right, information about the human behind the profile. General informations such as your physical traits (hair color, hair length, height, weight, body type etc). These should be easily filled out and I’d suggest you to do it. You can skip weight if you’re uncomfortable showing that. By filling out these informations, you’re allowing the visitor to picture you in their imaginations, which helps them to create a full picture of what kind of person you are. A great way to keep the attention of the visitor.

Now, the most important piece of text in your profile is definitely your profile text. Here you can write whatever you want, and I suggest you write something about yourself. Try to be a funny, creative and entertaining as possible. The ultimate goal is to read something that is so intriguing, that the reader simply must connect with you, and find out more about you.

Of course that’s just the ultimate goal, and not really easy or realistic to achieve right away. You can edit it continously, untill you find something you think is really good. Here is a few points for inspiration: Your favourite vacation, what do you like to do on sunday afternoons, whats your favourite movie and why, when was the last time you donated to something and why. The possibilities is endless and the floor is yours!

Get in touch with hundreds of Italian women by acquiring a membership

I know, it doesn’t really sound that appealing to acquire a membership. Why not just find a website which is free to use? Well, online dating websites are owned by businesses, and they have to make revenue in order to exist and in order to provide this service for you.

I am yet to see a completely free to use online dating website which is actually of good quality, and which allows you to meet a genuine person (except for tinder and similar apps, but they are too shallow for my liking).

So what I suggest is that you purchase a membership, and you thereby get FULL control of your experience. A measly membership-cost shouldn’t stand in your way of meeting a beautiful Italian woman.

If you do purchase a membership, you can actually send as many messages to other members as you possibly can. Without a premium-membership, you can only reaad messages send by those who themselves have a premium-membership. Why not take full control of it, and allow EVERYONE to see the messages you send?

In my opinion, this is actually the most important thing you can do, in your search for Italian women. Besides unlimited messaging you get other benefits such as improved profile ranking in the search results, an advertisement free experience, a special badge for your profile and much more. These are all great and makes it a better experience for you, and easier for you to meet Italian (or any) women. Unlimited messaging is still the most important one!



Owner at MeetForeignWomen

I have a recommendation for you, if you want to meet Italian women. I think you should try the website called: InternationalCupid. Click and sign up, and you will meet more than 4.500.000 members. Contact as many as you can!


5999+ online

ALOT of Italian Women registered
One of the biggest foreign dating sites
Members profiles are often very detailed
Can be used for free or paid

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