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Greece is known for more than beautiful nature, architecture, great weather and rich history. Greece is also well known for having some beautiful and sweet women. They can be quite an experience – both in terms of looks, but definitely in the way of personal characteristics and charisma as well!

You’ll never be bored, and you’ll most likely never go hungry again. In this article you will learn more about what Greek women are like as individuels (roughly), where it is best to meet them and tips on how to increaase your chance of success in meeting greek women.

The internet provides you with thousands of online dating websites and sites to meet women from all over the world – so lean back, and get ready to come even closer to your special and beautiful greek woman!

The best dating site to meet Greek women


5999+ online

ALOT of Greek Women registered
One of the biggest foreign dating sites
Members profiles are often very detailed
Can be used for free or paid

Why this dating website for meeting Greek women?

The websites included here are chosen because they fulfill a variety of requirements. Most importantly, it is very possible and not that difficut to actually meet a greek woman on these sites. Without greek women on the website, you simply cannot meet any.

Furthermore the websites are very safe to use, are run by trustworthy and respected companies, allowing you to have a good experience with (hopefully) lots of new connections and acquantances. Below here you can read a more thorough description as to why these specific sites are included.


I’m not exactly going out on a limb here, but InternationalCupid is just one of the biggest international online dating websites there is available. Not only is it one of the biggest, it also has members from basically all over the world where there is internet available – which of course includes Greece. Upon accessing the website, they say to have more than 4.000.000 members – and everytime I visit the website, it has more than 3000 members online. SOmetimes alot more than that.

Now, let’s see how many Greek women are actually on there. While writing this article, I did a search for women living in Greece. It showed more than 240 profiles which may not seem like alot to begin with. The cool thing is though, that a nice amount of the profiles were newly registered and I could see, that alot of the profiles had been online recently. Apparently the women from Greek registered here are highly active, and new profiles keeps coming in all the time, in all ages.

I was not able to search for Greek women in all over the world, as you can not search for Greek women living outside of Greece – but I would be very surprised if there wasn’t any.

One of the best things about this website is also the possibility to meet women from all over the world. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll want to get in touch with a woman not from Greece? Then you definitely have the chance to do so – which would be more difficult, if you found a website exclusively focused on Greek dating and Greek women.

Tip: If you want to see just how many beautiful women are registered on here, I’d suggest you to create a profile (it’s free). You can then go to Search –> Popular searches and a few options comes up. Try to click on “Exotic Foreign Ladies Photo Gallery” or “Most Popular” – this should give you an idea of just how many beautiful women are on this website.

Greek women are passionate, beautiful and with great values

If you’re looking to date women that are great people, a Greek Woman is certainly a choice for you. As mentioned above, you are likely to never be bored again, if you have a Greek partner.

If there’s anyone who likes (Loves?) to have fun, party and dance, its women from Greece. There’s a big chance of some heavy drinking, a lot of dancing and cheering.

A strong quality possessed by many Greek women, is that they have a great amount of respect and love for their parents and family in general, as well as their friends. In my opinion, these are great qualities if you’re looking for a serious relationship. Obviously she will show great respect for you, your friends and your family as well.

Most Greek women likes to look good, and do something about their looks, with a great sense for fashion.

Ever heard of the expression “Greek Goddess”?

It’s no joke that it’s a relatively common saying. Women from Greece tend to “dress up” and look as good as possible, and it may just affect you as well (whether you want it or not). Your potential upcoming Greek girlfriend may buy and take home a sweet new t-shirt, blazer or some jeans. But, who doesn’t like to look good?

Lastly, if you end up dating a Greek woman, you can be sure to receive lots of emotional support.

Tips for people serious about finding a greek woman

The first thing you want to do is find someplace where you can actually meet some greek women. It can be a bit problematic to just travel to Greece, so I’d definitely suggest you to try doing that online, with an online dating website.

When you’ve found one of these, there are many things you can do to “spice up” your profile, in order to attrack the Greek women that you want to. Here you can check out some of the main ones!

Attract the attention of the Greek women

How does one do that exactly? I’ll tell you. Remember that humans are visual creatures.

First of all, you should get a profile picture that has been taken recently. Pick one in where you think you look pretty good. I would suggest you to use a picture which shows nothing more than your upper-body (and face, ofcourse). Remember this: when your profile picture appears in the search results alongside the other members, the pictures are actually quite small. Everyone’s picture need to be showed. So: If you use a picture with your full-body showing, it is quite difficult for Greek women to actually see what you look like.

You know what they’ll probably do next? Click on a profile picture where they can actually see what the member looks like – they might lose interest in you, even before they had a chance to become interested. So; use a profile-picture where they can actually see you. For your other pictures I would recommend you to make it a bit varied. Use pictures of yourself from a recent vacation, while doing something active, having a drink, laughing with friends and so forth – pictures can tell alot about yourself. (PS: Don’t take selfies from a frogs perspective. This is a great way to show off your double chin

Entice your visitors with your informations

This first one should be logical. In order for the visitors to really imagine what you look like, you should fill in all of the physical traits information boxes you can find. This will be things like hair color, height, weight, shoe-size, eye-color, body type, tattoos, earrings etc. This is probably not the most important thing for many when it comes to choosing a partner, but it’s a good way to get the imagination going for whomever visits your profile.

Furthermore I would highly suggest you to fill in your profile-text too. Every online-dating website has this option. It’s a field/box in where you can put in exactly the information you want. In my experience, the more effort you put into this area, the better your profile works. And the reason is simple.

By filling out this field thoroughly, the visiting Greek women can see that you are serious in your search. If it just says “Hey my name is Greg and I’m nice” – well that doesn’t really tell the visitors much. Instead, I would definitely advise you to write some unique things about you and your personality. What are your hobbies? Where do you go to clear your mind? Do you like to read, what do you like to read and why? How do you like to spend your weekends? Your favourite places to travel, why do you like to go there?

The floor is all yours. You know yourself best, and definitely what you like about yourself – let others know. It’s important to be sincere about this as well. No reason to lie or make something up either. You would want to find a Greek woman who have these things in common with you, so you might aswell be sincere and upright about it!

Acquire a paid membership

It might seem like the cheaper option is the better option – using a free membership rather than a paid membership. But if you are really serious about finding and dating a Greek woman, a membership will be a huge boost in your chances of success for various reasons.

The most important reason is that you have total control of who you want to get in touch with. With a paid membership you can send ALL of the letters/messages to ALL of the Greek women that you possibly can. Without a membership, you would only be able to send messages to the members who already possess a paid membership – which makes it very limited for you. Get a membership and send all the messages you can = much higher chance of you succeeding in dating Greeks.

There are also benefits like your profile will have more space when you appear in the search results, making more women see your profile. This will obviously increase the amount of women who sees your profile and then visits your profile. You will have an experience with no advertisements on the website, and customer service are probably more willing to help you out with whatever your needs may be.



Owner at MeetForeignWomen

I have a recommendation for you, if you want to meet Greek women. I think you should try the website called: InternationalCupid. Click and sign up, and you will meet more than 4.500.000 members. Contact as many as you can!


5999+ online

ALOT of Greek Women registered
One of the biggest foreign dating sites
Members profiles are often very detailed
Can be used for free or paid

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