Baltic Women → Everything you need to Know and start Dating women from the Baltics


Baltic Woman – what are they like, and how do you meet them?

These questions will be answered in this article. You will learn all about baltic women, what they are like, how they have been “shaped” by their heritage, culture and ofcourse where you can get in touch with them, as well as start dating them. Meeting and dating women from the Baltics is very popular, as they are not only very beautiful in appearence, but also possess qualities that are much sought after by many men. The women of the Baltic countries exist of Latvian women, Estonian women and Lithuanian women – click on either of these, and you can read more specifically about them.

The baltics have a total population between the 3 countries of a little more than 6million people. They are small countries, but many great people are from here, and the Baltics are very well known for having a large amount of beautiful woman. Let’s get on with the article, and below here, you can see the absolutely best options for where to start meeting and dating Baltic women.

Fun fact: In the baltics: Latvia and Lithuania has some of the most “skewed” men to women ratios in Europe. According to recent statistics (2020 by Eurostat) , Latvia has around 17% more women than men, where Lithuania has about 14% more women than men. Surely there will be a Baltic woman looking for a man just like you!

Facts about Baltic women and the Baltics

Population of approximately 6,2 million people (about 3,2 million women)
Capital cities are Riga (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Tallinn (Estonia)
Most prominent religions are Christianity, Orthodox Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox
Languages: Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian with widespread English
Internet: The Baltic countries have very high internet standards and access

Meet and date beautiful Baltic women on these sites


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Why are these sites the best for meeting Baltic women?

When it comes to meeting beautiful Baltic womeon online, there are quite literally thousands of websites to choose from. So how do you choose one of the best, where you have the highest chance of success? Here at MeetForeignWomen, we are experts at especially international online dating websites, and we’ve done the hard work for you – and found 3 of the very best options for you. 

All of the websites claims to have various features, that makes them a better choice than the rest of them. This is all very good, and  different features can definitely bring you a better and more joyous user experience. However, the single most important thing is for the website to have plenty of REAL Baltic women registered. All of the features in the wold will not help you meet a beautiful Baltic woman, if there are not enough registered on there.

That is mainly why we have chosen to  recommend the above sites. They all have thousands and thousands of Baltic women registered. Furthermore, the websites are run by respectable companies, with many years of experience. Below here you can read more about each site, and what else they can offer, apart from connecting you with women from the Baltics.


SingleSlavic is your best choice of successfully getting in touch with, connecting and start dating a woman from the Baltics. They have thousands and thousands of women registered on here, and especially from Eastern Europe, including the Baltics. They have a very user friendly website, and you can literally have your profile registered in a matter of half a minute. Simply answer a handful of questions, and you’re good to go. It is highly recommended to add some content to your profile though, to make it more appealing for the Baltic women visiting your profile.

They have alot of different features installed on their portal, which can make your experience much more enjoyable. You can for example engage in sending letters to/with someone who isn’t online, which is great if you’re in different time zones. You can also live chat with someone, if they’re online, ofcourse. Lastly, you can even video chat with people that accept to do so – you should have had some previous conversation going, before you engage in video chat. Very rarely do the women enjoy getting video chat requests from people they do not know.

Lastly, the women on here are VERY active. When you have registered your profile, and put in pictures/content, you should absolutely expect for multiple women to show interest in you. Men from the western parts of the world and highly developed countries are especially popular with the Baltic women on here. Are you ready to try your luck? Go register!



InternationalCupid is one of the biggest international online dating website, with members from ALL over the world. They especially have alot of members from Eastern European countries, and ALOT of women from the Baltics as well, looking for men from all around the world. If they didn’t want a man from another country, why would they be on an international online dating website, right?

One of the biggest benefits of InternationalCupid is the huge amount of members they have – boasting of more than 4.000.000 members worldwide. The website is run by a company called CupidMedia, which is a very experience company. They manage various online dating websites, with focuses on different parts of the world: and InternationalCupid is one of their more popular ones.

Even though they have so many members, you can easily filter and sort through all of the members, to see women of your specific interests. To be sure, I made a search while writing this article, and I wanted to see how many women from the Baltics are actually regstered, and are active often. I searched for women from Baltic counties, aged 18-60, WITH picture(s) on their profiles. The result showed more than 1000+ profiles, meaning that there is alot. Most of the profiles on page 1 was even registered very recently, or even online at the very moment I did the search.

Another great thing about InternationalCupid is, that they have members from literally all around the world. So if you ever feel like you’d want to meet someone from another part of the world or even just another part of Europe/Eastern Europe, you could easily do so on here. Give it a try, and register your profile for free right now! 


CharmRomance is also an excellent choice, when it comes to meeting and dating Baltic women – as there are PLENTY of them on here. You will furthermore find women from all over the world, but you’ll notice that theres especially alot from the Eastern European and Baltic countries. A great thing about this website is their huge amount of members, but also that you will find LOTS of very active ones. This website routinely deletes members that have been inactive for a long time, giving you a fresh, active member database.

You will also find lots of very nice features. Most noticeably you’ll find the “Send letter” function, where you can send simple letters to the Baltic women you meed. You can also initiate in live chat, and even in video chat, if someone is up for it. Another great feature you will find is that some women actually want to broadcast their webcam to anyone who is interested, and you can then join in to watch her, chat with her and even initiate a personal chat, if you want to.

It is 100% free to register on this website, and you can do so in less than a minute. When you have registered your profile, you can then browse all of the different profiles, to see their lovely pictures. You will notice that some of them even have videos of themselves on their profiles, which is very nice!

What are baltic women like?

It is not quite possible to describe what all women are like from the Baltics, but there are some qualities and personal traits that are very common. This is the section where we’ll be discussing this topic, and explain information about what women from the Baltics are like.

Upon initiating contact with a Baltic women, whether it is online or in real life, it may seem difficult. It might look like she is being “cold” or “not interested” at first, with short answers and not showing any signs of interest. That does not mean she is not interested, though. Baltic women are generally quite cautious as to whom they let in, in their life. They want to get to know the person before anything serious happens. You can start the conversation casually, asking some simple questions, to get the conversation going. Then gradually ask more and more questions, and get to know her more and in greater details – but you should definitely do it slowly, and let both of you take your time. There is no rush 😉

You can also expect for her to show great hospitality, as it is an important thing for Baltic women. In the sense that she will likely not just brush you off, if you try to start a conversation with her (if you do it properly, that is, of course). Many women from the Baltics are very accommodating, friendly and open for a conversation; however it will take some time to get into a “serious” conversation.

Baltic women are generally very beautiful, down to earth, sweet, caring and very much into family-oriented life. Many families are tightly knitted, and continue to be part of each others lives, even when they are all grown up. The Baltic countries Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania has been part of Soviet Russia for many years, and you can be sure that these circumstances has helped shape how women from the Baltics are, even up to this day. 

It also means that women from the Baltics very often enjoys the little things in life, and learns early in their life to be content with what they have – and this especially applies to friends and family, which mean alot. Activities like having a walk in nature, down a cosy street or having a nice lunch somewhere in nature are amongst the things that can greatly be appreciated by Baltic women.

The modern Baltic woman has access to all the same things as you do today, in terms of internet, online dating, travel and such. Not only do they have access to all of this, but they are actively and in great numbers taking advantage of them.

Baltic women has a great sense of fashion, and likes to dress femininely and look good when going out somewhere. Don’t be surprised if she also helps you choose a proper outfit, if you live together and are going out somewhere. You both want to look your best right? 😉

Baltic women has been shaped by history and heritage

The Baltic women of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania has been shaped, molded and defined by their culture, history and their cultural heritage. The countries have a shared history of enduring all kinds of challenges, especially in regards to being controlled by Soviet Russia for many years. This has led to the women of the countries possess lots of good characteristics, greatly valued by men from all over the globe. For instance, it installs alot of resilience, patience and an understanding of people like no other. The Baltic women has been shaped by the struggle for independence in the 20th century, all the way into their integration into the European Union – which has changed the way that Baltic people and  women view the world around them.

They carry a deep appreciation for their own cultural roots, and where they come from. They also carry a desire to keep a hold on these traditions, as they are part of who they are, and part of their modern as well as historical identity. They especially have a strong sense of community when it comes to preserving their traditions.

 The Baltics and the Baltic women are very unique, and a mix of various geographical elements. They are for example influenced by a blend of Nordic, Slavic and Western Europe cultural traits, that has helped shaped them into who they are today. Throughout history the Baltic Sea has been a crossroads for things like trade and cultural exchange, which has contributed to a diverse influences on the people in the Baltics, from all kinds of other areas. These various cultural influences has contributed alot to the Baltic women being very open-minded, nice/kind, and often open to communicating with people from all over the world. This also applies when it comes to dating, and dating internationally online. The Baltic women also generally has a high level of adaptability, with intelligent education and more often than not some great English speaking capabilities – alot of it thanks to the Baltics being in the middle of so many areas.

Why does Baltic women want a foreign partner?

There are many different reasons as to why women from the Baltics are often dating internationally, and here are some of them. You might be interested and surprised to see why – maybe you’ll find a reason that aligns alot with your own reasoning? It’s also important to remember that everyone has their own reasons for wanting to find a partner from another country. Here you’ll see and learn more about some of the most common reasons.

For an adventure

It can be a great adventure to find a partner from another country. To meet and engage in all kinds of conversations with a man/woman from a completely different country can bring some great insights to curious minds, and some even better relationships. You will gradually learn more about who they are in a deeper way, and might uncover some cultural/personal traits about yourself in the process, that you didn’t know existed. Alot of people, and especially Baltic women, are adventurous, and finding a man from another country can satisfy a part of this need for adventure! 

Attraction to specific nationalities

Different people have all kinds of different taste. Some people might prefer to date men from another country, where not only the mentality/culture can be different from your own, but also where people look somewhat different. A lot of people see this as “dating someone exotic”, and there is a surprisingly big amount of people who date people from other countries, because of this. Just like some men prefer to find an Asian wife, some Baltic women want to find themselves an English/American or even Australian man to marry, due to personal attraction and preferences.

In search of a better future

A lot of people also feel like they are “stuck” in their current situation, in their current country. If there is little to no better future to look forward to, many Baltic women also looks to foreign countries, in search of a man. Statistics show, that there are generally more women than men in the Baltic countries (as mentioned previously), which can further support the need/desire to find a man from a different country. If you also live in a country with little job opportunities, finding a man from a country with much better prospects for the future, is a great thing. Not only do you find a loving partner, you also get to look forward to a better future.

Baltic Women and marriage – is it for you?

If you want to marry a beautiful women with great personality characteristics, then marriage with a baltic woman might just be the thing for you. For most of the Baltic women, marriage is one of the destinations in life – which should ofcourse be reached with the love of their life. 

It has never been a better day for you to begin your journey, and find your very own special Baltic woman, to marry and start a family with. Doesn’t matter where you are from in the world, you can easily get in touch with one ore more. Easiest way to do so, is to register on an international online dating website – and you can find the best ones further up, earlier in this article.

Many Baltic women have relatively traditional views on marriage, and can comfortably stay in the man/female roles of a traditional marriage. This is ofcourse different from everyone, and you shouldn’t expect anything beforehand – I guess you will find out when you get to know your Baltic woman 🙂

So, when it comes to tying the knot, Baltic women bring this cool mix of tradition and modern vibes to the table. Back in the day, getting engaged and married was a big deal in Baltic societies, without a doubt. But things are changing a little, in these modern times. Baltic women today see marriage as more of a personal choice rather than something society expects them to do. Thanks to the increased levels of education and career, they’re often hitting the marriage scene a bit later. But make no mistake, family is still top-tier for these women. Creating a cozy and loving home base is something many Baltic gals are all about, even with the changing times.


Meet Baltic women – and date them, with these 3 tips

Now that you’ve learned all about Baltic women, you should begin the process of actually meet one (or more). You will absolutely not regret it – and who knows, it might just be the best thing you’ve ever done for you and your future?

Anyway, here is the part where I make it easy for you to meet Baltic women. First thing you should do, is choose from one of the 3 international online dating websites, which you read about earlier. Try them all out and see which one you like the most – and stick with it. When you registered your profile, proceed to follow these tips!

Fill out your profile thoroughly

This step should be a no brainer, but I see it often – profiles that are completely empty, with no text, information or any pictures even. If a Baltic woman enters your profile, and can learn absolutely nothing about you, they will leave instantly. The very basic and first thing to do is fill out the simple information such as your height, weight, eye color, hair style/color and other physical traits on your appearance. By doing this, the female visitors are able to read some information about you, and they might even get interested in you as a person as well, even before you have had any communication.


One thing is for sure though – if you have literally no information in your profile, or not even a picture, there will be A LOT less interest in you. Would you be interested in communicating with someone, if you have no idea who they are, or even what they look like?

Attract the right kind of attention

This might sound a bit more difficult – how do you even do that? Well, it’s quite simple. First, ask yourself this: What is the right kind of attention? 

The right kind of attention, is attention from women, that are actually interested in you, for you. It might be intrigueing to use a profile picture from long ago, where you look younger, slimmer and in better shape. But, by using that picture, you’ll attract the attention of Baltic women that wants to be with that you, not the current you – and there is a big difference.

By using recent pictures, you attract the women that are genuinely interested in you, as you look today. That’s what you want, right?

Furthermore, don’t oversell yourself in your profile text. Describe the actual kind of person you are, and you will attract the attention of women that is ALSO interested in that. There’s no reason to explain anything else, than what is the actual you, behind your profile.

This also extends to your profile picture. The profile picture is what will be seen in the search results – meaning the first thing your future Baltic woman will see, even before se enters your profile. It is recommended that you use a picture where your face can be seen. If you do so, the women browsing through the profiles search results will see your face, and if they like it, they will surely also click on to your profile.

Lastly, increase your chance of meeting Baltic women by purchasing a membership

I know, this doesn’t sound very appealing. Who wants to spend money, if you don’t even know it will work?

Well, if you are serious about meeting Baltic women, you absolutely should purchase a membership, to gain the benefits of the membership-features. If this turns out to be the thing that actually made it happen, wouldn’t you say it had been worth it?

First and foremost, most international online dating sites requires either you (the sender) or the other person (the recipient) to have a paid premium membership, in order for you to actually strike up a conversation. If none of you have a membership, you most likely cannot even read the letter, or respond to it (depends on the site you choose). Eliminate this barrier with a membership – and then you can actually send AS MANY LETTERS, as you possibly can. That means, you can literally sends as many letters, as you possibly can gather the strength to do. This should be the biggest factor in increasing your chance of meeting a beautiful, Baltic woman, right?

Furthermore, you will get benefits such as increased profile space in the search results (= more attention from women), prioritized messages, labels do increase your profile views and much, much more. The actual benefits will vary on the site you choose, but these some of the most common benefits and features. 

Peter's Recommendation

Peter's Recommendation

Owner at MeetForeignWomen

Hi! My name is Peter. I own this website, and write all of the articles you will find. I have acquired more than 20 years of professional experience with international online dating, and have used it privately for many years too. I even met my dear wife on one of these websites I recommend. I hope you will find some beneficial information about meeting Baltic women for yourself!

I have a recommendation for you, if you want to meet Baltic women. I think you should try the website called: SingleSlavic. Click - then sign up, and you will meet more than 2.130.000 members. Contact as many women as you can!

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