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In this article, I want to tell you about the fantastic Asian women and the wonders of Asian dating. In the Asian part of the world, there is a lot of countries, and of course every one woman is different.

In this article you will learn to find the best places for asian dating, learn more about asian women in general as well as how you can increase you chance of success with thai dating significantly!

As a bonus you can find information about why asian women and asian dating in particular are so popular. Lean back, and enjoy the reading.

The best Asian Dating sites to meet asian women


5669+ online

Asian women from all over the world
Huge site with 4.500.000+ profiles
Alot of very active members
Can be used for free and paid

8319+ online

Single women from Asia + The Philippines
One of the biggest Asian dating sites
Most members are very detailed
Can be used for free and paid

4447+ online

Single women from Asia + The Philippines
One of the biggest Asian dating sites
Most members are very detailed
Can be used for free and paid

Why these are the best sites for Asian dating online

As you probably know, the internet contains an aboslutely massive amount of websites and especially dating websites. It can be difficult to distinguish which ones are actually real and interested in helping people find together, and the ones that are exclusively interested in getting your money.

These website has been chosen first of all because they contain millions of REAL members. I have personally tested them myself, and have been messaging/chatting with many different members on the sites. There are also some people who make fake profiles to get some things out of you, but they are kind of easy to spot, block and then move on.


AsianDating has first of all been chosen as #1 because there is a great diversity of asian women in there, from all over the world. Guess what the biggest factor is, in becoming successfull with asian dating online? It is the amount of real members/people you can get in touch with. That’s probably the most important thing – the more asian women you can get in contact with, the higher are your chances of finding a special someone.

In AsianDating you will find asian women from all over the world – majority of them being located in Asia at the moment. But that is the great thing about this website too, most of the women are actually interested in relocating to another country. You can see on their profiles, if they are in fact interested or not.

In total, the website proclaims to have more than 4.500.000 members – which is just insane. Remember that alot of them are men as well, which is probably not your target group. That being said, I definitely can say that there are more asian women on here, than you could EVER get in touch with!


FilipinoCupid is another great choice for finding asian women. Even though the name suggests that you’d mostly find women from the Philippines, it is not exactly like that. First of all, the website has an insane amount of members. Upon first accessing the website, you can see that they say there are more than 5.500.000 members currently registered. That is defenitely alot, and also much more than anyone could ever need!

The majority of registered asian women on this website is from the Philippines. However I can guarantee you (as I have a profile on there), that there are plenty of Asian women from all over the world – Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and so sorth.

This website is very popular, and is completely filled with beautiful asian women. If you want to see for yourself, then try and make a profile. Go to Search –> Popular searches –> Popular members. Here you will see the most popular women members and wow…It is a treat for your eyes! You can also look at the galleries – there is a gallery with Glamorous Filipino Women, and another one with Filipino women in bikinies. Definetely worth a watch.


As you can probably see on the name of the website, the main focus is on Thai dating. However, upon a closer inspection, you will find asian women from all over the world, and mostly in Asia. It is no wonder, as they have more than 3.000.000 registered members – should be enough for even the pickest to find someone, right?

As I am writing this article, I’m having a look at the website too. There are currently more than 2000 members online, and I’d bet that that is the case no matter what time it is. There will always be some beautiful asian women to shoot a message to.

One of the cool things about this website is that you can watch all of the members profile pictures in large format. You just have to upload your own picture, and you are free to browse all members pictures – and the best part is that most of the members actually upload one or more pictures. There is plenty of look at.

If that is not enough for you, you can also check out the sexy galleries there are present on the website.wink

What are asian women like and what about their characteristics?

Generally speaking, you will find that Asian women are caring, and enjoy fun and games. They are sweet, and definitely family oriented. As most Asian women love their families very much, they’d probably like a husband, who has the same view. As well as a man who will help out from time to time – not just by bringing in money, but help out with ordinary household work.

If you really want to be the best man you can be for you Asian partner – you should definitely offer emotional support as well. As with any woman I’d say, you can get some serious “bonus points” by offering this.

Furthermore, a lot of Asian women possesses a healthy amount of common sense, and they are very polite as well as down to earth. Most are not too loud or with a high voice – perhaps things are different, if she gets upset?

Many Asian women are not “cheap” either – they have strong values about themselves. Chances are, you will probably not bed her after the first date. Show real interest!

Interested in mature asian women?

Then you have definitely come to the right place. If you want to find yourself a loving mature asian women, you can eeeasily go ahead and use one of the above websites. The amount of asian women that are on the mature side is PLENTIFUL!

In my experience, there are actually much more mature (lets say 40+) asian women, than there are young asian women. As I am myself a younger male (below 30), I have more trouble finding the younger ones than the mature ones.

The good thing about the above websites in this regard is, that you can easily filter the members by age. Lets say you want to find someone who is above 40, 50 or whatever you like, you can very easily put that filter on. The search results will then only show female members that are above that age. You can also set an age-range, if you like. For example if you want to find mature asian women, but only between the ages of 40-50. Very easy to use.

Tips to increase your success in asian dating and finding asian women

Make you profile appealing and interesting

When you are on an online asian dating website, you are actually in a “competition”. You’re in a competition of attention. The asian women on the websites have limited attentions (as we all do), and you must be able to try and catch it. So how does one do that?

First of all – make your best picture your profile picture. The profile picture is almost always the first thing other members see, either when you have sent them a message, or your profile pops up in the search results. They will see the picture even before going into your profile, and it will/can help them decide if they want to.

I would suggest to have a profile picture of your face, or just from your shoulders and up. The picture is relatively small in the search results, so it is a good idea to let other members see you. They can’t see you if you have a full body picture, and will most likely gaze their attention to profiles where they can see something.

Pro tip: Don’t use a picture taken from a frogs perspective. Don’t want to show off all of your double chin

Fill and update your profile thoroughly

Your profile and all of the information needs to be up to date and exciting to read. The websites above help you out alot in this regard, with specific boxes to put in specific informations such as your explaining your physical appearence, favourite movies, book, your hobbies and so forth. Fill them out!

I would also say it’s important to describe something from your daily life, which can not be found in the boxes. What do you like to do on a sunday? What kind of values to you have in life? You know yourself best, so there should be plenty to explain about.

Acquire a membership

It might seem like a scoop if you can find a dating website which allows you to do everything for free. In general, my experience with those websites are not that good. They lack staff to make the website good (as the owners/company) don’t really make any money, and they are absolutely flooded with fake members trying to con other members.

When you purchase a membership on one of the above websites, you are in total control. You have access to customer service – and best of all, you can write to ALL of the members that your possibly can. Besides that, your profile will get extra attention in the search results, which will help beautiful asian women find your profile.

Tip: If/when you choose to acquire a membership, I would recommend to get one for at least 3 months. The more months you get membership for at once, the cheaper it will be per month.

In my experience it can be pretty difficult to find a special someone, establish a connection with her with lots of communications, all in just one month. You might be able to, but it sucks having your membership run out, and then you have to get another one – when you could have initially have acquired 3 months membership, which would be the same cost as 2 single month purchases.



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5669+ online

Asian women from all over the world
Huge site with 4.500.000+ profiles
Alot of very active members
Can be used for free and paid

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