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Hungarian women: What they are like, and why you should date them

If you are, like many other people, interested in Hungarian women, you are in luck. On this page you will learn all abuoot Hungarian women, what they are like, where to meet them and why you should absolutely begin dating a beautiful Hungarian woman. Not only that, you will learn how their cultural history has shaped their view on dating, and how it molded them into the beautiful wome they are today!

 Hungary is a relatively small country with a population of slightly less than 10million people. Hungary is located smack in the middle of Central Europe, with neighbors like Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia and Austria. The women in the Budapest are very popular for alot of foreign men, as well as the city itself with foreign tourists. Every year thousands and thousands of visitors come to Hungary and Budapest – and have a great time, of course. The Hungarian women cannot enjoy the actual sea in their home country; however Hungary is home to a giant lake called Balaton, which spands across a whopping 600 square kilometers – meaning it is almost a sea in itself.

Let’s get to the good stuff, and learn some interesting things about Hungarian women. Buckle up and enjoy!

Facts about Hungarian women and Hungary

Population of approximately 9,71million people (5,09million women)
Main cities are Budapest, Debrecen and Szeged
Biggest religions: Christian (42.5%), with alot of different parts of Christianity
Languages: Hungarian (native), and with plenty of people speaking English
Internet: More than 90% of the population has access to high speed internet

Beautiful Hungarian women are dating on these websites


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Why these places are the best to meet hungarian women

It’s no secret that there are literally thousands upon thousands of choices when it comes to online international dating, as well as dating Hungarian women online. So how do you even begin to choose the right site? Here at MeetForeignWomen, I’ve done the manual labour for you, and found the 3 best websites.

You have probably noticed that all of these different websites also claim to have much better features than the others do. It’s somewhat true, they all have their own unique features and user experiences. However, the most important thing is that you can actually find enough single Hungarian women on the website, if you want to successfully meet beautiful women from Hungary. Doesn’t matter if the website has all of the functionality in the world – it MUST have plenty of Hungarian women for you to contact.

The websites I recommend for you on this page not only has thousands of single Hungarian women; they are also very user friendly, and has great communities. Below here you can read some more details about each of the sites.


SingleSlavic is probably the best choice when it comes to meeting Hungarian women through online dating. As the name of the website suggests, you’ll find ALOT of women from Slavic countries as well as Eastern Europe – however you’ll also find an abundance of women from Hungary. Something unique about this website is, that the women are actually very active compared to many other sites. If you register your profile, put in some information about yourself and include some pictures; you’ll surely get some messages sent to your inbox very quickly!

Another great thing is that the Hungarian women, as well as from anywhere else, are very beautiful on here. Most profiles will showcase various pictures of the women behind the screen, and some even have videos of themselves in different settings. This is a great feature when you’re just browsing around and looking at the different profiles – as well as if you want to see more about a specific women. It can help you determine if you should send her a massage or not.

 You can register on here very quickly, and I recommend you do so. It’s completely free, and you can browse around a bit before comitting to a membership or anything like that. If you want to get the full experience (which also includes webcam chat), you should definitely acquire some form of membership, though.


InternationalCupid is one of the very best international online dating websites overall. Period. I’m not just saying this because I’ve enjoyed being on there many times myself. I’m saying it because they have more than 4.000.000 members from all over the world – with LOTS of new ones being registered every day. I don’t think you can find a single country with no single women registered at all (considering they have access internet in that country). This goes for Hungarian women as well. I did a quick search to see how many you can find on here, by searching for Hungarian women aged 18-60 WITH pictures. The result simply showed 1000+ profiles, so there is definitely plenty of single Hungarian women for you to get in touch with!

InternationalCupid is run by a company called CupidMedia, one of the worlds most renowned international online dating companies. They have a big portfolio of various dating websites, focusing on getting people to meet each other across country borders. They have been in business for more than 20 years, and are therefore very experienced in what they are doing. They actively combat scammers/fraudsters on their websites, and you are able to get premium customer services as well.

 Here you can create your profile for free as well, and browse around within a matter of minutes. Do that, and check some profiles – maybe have a look at the most popular single womens profiles? I’m sure you’ll enjoy the view alot!


CharmRomance is also a great choice when you want to meet women from all over the world, and from Hungary as well. Like InternationalCupid, this website has a bigger focus on meeting women from all over the world, and not just Eastern Europe/Central Europe like SingleSlavic. You can be sure that theres more than enough single Hungarian women for you to engage with.

This website also offers free registration, and you can begin browsing profiles right after your registration. This website has some unique features which you wont find just anywhere. You can ofcourse send letters to people that are offline – and you can start a live chat with someone, if they are online. It’s good ethics to ask about it first though; they may not be ready at that moment to live chat. If you are in luck and find a beautiful woman with whom you want to connect with even further, you can even webcam chat with each other – meaning you will see her, and she will see you, as you engage in a conversation with each other. I’ve used this feature quite some times, and its a GREAT way of getting to know someone!

You also have various ways of showing interest in someone, before sending her any messages. 

What are Hungarian women like?

You cannot accurately describe what every Hungarian woman is like – not in this article anyway. However, there are some historical heritage and cultural traits that alot of has shaped Hungarian women into the beautiful people they are today. Throughout history, Hungary has been through hardships of various kinds and degrees. These ‘events’ has shaped women and men in Hungary, and it is still seen to this day. So what exactly are Hungarian women like?

First of all they are very kind, loving, beautiful, empathetic, open-minded, fond of the little things in life, helpful and very supportive of their friends and families. You will surely notice that Hungarian women are very family oriented; and if you ever get to be part of a Hungarian family, you’re in luck. You’ll be part of a tight unit, where there is plenty of good food, good laughs with plenty of Pálinka.

Hungary and the Hungarian people has been through many hardships throughout the years. All the way from the 1600s and 1700s, where the country faced alot of pressure, wars and conflicts from the Ottoman Empire. Later Hungary suffered big human losses as well as land during world war 1. Same goes for the occupation by Nazi Germany with widespread fear and panic. After revolutionizing themselves from Soviet Union in 1956, there was finally some sort of peace for the Hungarian people. All of these troubles has helped shaped the nation, the people and of course also the women of Hungary. 

My point with this is, that it has shaped Hungarian women (and men) into being incredible people. These events has fueled a big sense of being accommodating and kind to one another. The Hungarian sense of being hospitable is like no other. It has also shaped a strong will, with lots of determination and strength to overcome various hardships in life – as well as an unique ability to enjoy different aspects of life. 

These days it is completely normal for Hungarian women to pursue higher eduation, and participate in all areas of everyday life, both in politics and business.

Why are Hungarian women so beautiful?

It is no secret that Hungarian women are some of the most beautiful women on this planet. It is not uncommon for Eastern Europe and Central Europe to produce extremely beautiful women. If you’ve ever taken a look at either Czech women, Romanian women or Polish women, you might see some similarities to Hungarian women. One thing they have in common is their beauty!

Hungary has a rich history with alot of diversity. Throughout the times, men and women from all over the world has found their way to Hungary and settled. This means that Hungarian women are a result of a great mix of appearances from all kinds of people throughout history, giving them their unique and beautiful look.

Hungarian women also possess a great fashions sense, and most often like to dress in beautiful clothing, that has lots of color. Traditional clothing for women contains lots of flowers and colors as well – however these clothings are not often used in everyday life. Hungary is a modern country with all the latest fashion brands, just like the rest of Europe.

 Hungarian culture also place importance on personal care as well as grooming, which contributes to the beauty of Hungarian women. For most it is an important part of everyday life to keep yourself in shape, both physically, mentallly as well as skin care, body care and much more.

What does Hungarian women want in their dating life?

Most Hungarian women want to find loving partner/man they can spend their time and life with. Obviously, most women from Hungary find a man in their own country and within their own areas. There is a big amount of women who wants to find a partner from another country though – and Hungarian women share alot of the same values with men from many other places in the Western world.

 First and foremost, it is important to know, that within any relationship, there must be plenty of respect and equality. (Most and especially modern/younger) Hungarian women does not want an old-fashioned relationship, where the man goes to work, and the woman stays at home to take care of the house and children. Think of the relationship as an equal relationship, where you both have your own lives, and then share all of the good (and bad) things with each other. This includes lots of affection, being loving towards each other, sharing dreams and so much more.

As Hungarian women generally are very loving, kind, empatethic, family oriented – it is very good if you can these values in yourself as well, so you can have common ground. Being sweet, caring and understanding goes a long way!

 What Hungarian women specifically wants out of a relationship and their dating life is ofcourse very individual, and there are many different “objectives”. Some of the major ones are to get married, start a family, move in together, have children and so forth. Not everyone wants to do this with a man from their own country, so alot of women from Hungary seek outside of their own borders.

 Some women doesn’t want children specifically or to start a family like many do. Some may be looking for a loving partner with whom they can share a business-drive with career goals, traveling goals and much more. When you get to know a sweet and beautiful Hungarian woman, it is up to you to learn what she wants out of life and out of a relationship. 

Hungarian women: How they have been shaped history and culture

Hungary has a rich history and have very interesting cultures as well as traditions. All of the historical happenings and the local culture has shaped the Hungarian women into who they are today. From fighting and enduring war through World War 2, to the Hungarian Uprising happening after being controlled by Hungarian People’s Republic and to joining the European Union in 2004, alot has happened to the Hungarian women, men and children.

Hungarian women have been shaped by their country’s rich history and vibrant culture. Over the centuries, they’ve shown incredible resilience and strength, facing challenges from various periods like the Ottoman occupation. Despite these difficulties, Hungarian women have taken on diverse roles, from managing households to preserving cultural traditions. The fusion of Eastern and Western influences in Hungarian culture adds to the unique identity of Hungarian women, who often reflect the country’s celebration of diversity and creativity. Their journey towards gender equality, influenced by events like the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, continues today as they blend tradition with modernity, shaping the future of Hungarian society.

The modern Hungarian women has access to all the necessities and joys of life. From education, to available jobs, doing all kinds of sports, leisure activities rights and much more.

Why do some Hungarian women seek love abroad?

There are obviously alot of reasons for this, but there are also some very common reasons as well. According to recent studies, more than 700.000 Hungarian people actually live abroad already, with most of them (about 220.000) residing in Germany. This is quite a number, considering that the total population of Hungary is not even 10million people.

So why does Hungarian women look for men in other countries? Is it to pursue a better future? Because it is an adventure? Because it has become easier? The reasons are many, and here you can see some of them.

To experience other parts and cultures of the world

We all know that a classic love adventure is like nothing else, and it is one of the best adventures you can have in your life. One way to make this adventure even more intriguing, is if you find a loving partner in a different part of the world. Not only will you get to know the person and fall in love with them – you will also learn about their country, culture and traditions on a deeper, personal level. It can truly open up a whole new world for you, and it is something you can look back on for the rest of your lilfe.

Normally when we meet and date people from our own regions, we already kind of know their upbringing, depending on the areas. If you are from Australia or Canada for example – just imagine how different your potential future Hungarian women’s upbringing was in Hungary? Especially if she is from a smaller community outside of the bigger cities.

To pursue a brighter and more stable future

Even though Hungary as a country has improved alot over the years, there are still alot of people from there who go to live in other countries, for various reasons. Historically it has been alot worse, and things are getting better and better (such as job opportunities, better salaries and more). Currently, the average yearly salary in Hungary is about 25.000USD. The minimum wage is currently about 661USD per month, meaning that some people most likely have difficulties finding a job that can secure their future.

They are likely able to get a more stable and better future if they are able to find a job (or partner/man) in another country, where there are better opportunities. Other countries might also have better social benefits/health insurance and such, if a Hungarian women marries a man from that country, which is worth thinking about. 

To find someone that can take care of them

This might be somewhat of a tabu-covered topic, however it is quite common, not only with Hungarian women, but women from all over the world. Some beautiful Hungarian women will register on international online dating websites in order to find a man that can take care of them, and have them move in as well. I don’t want to call this an exchange, however some may percieve it as that. Beautiful woman moves in with wealthy man, and they have a form of relationship. As long as it is consensual – then there are no issues of course. You have to ask yourself though: Do you want to have this kind of superficial relationship, or would you rather have a genuine, loving relationship? It is completely up to you 🙂


Begin dating Hungarian women: Tips if you are serious about meeting women from Hungary

Now that you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you are quite serious about meeting and dating a Hungarian women. The good news is, you can actually start right away. All you have to do is register a profile on an international online dating website where there are plenty of Hungarian women to get in touch with. Simple, Right?

I’m not going to lie – it will take some work and patience on your part. As with all good things, it will not come to you easy – and Hungarian women will not exactly throw themselves at you, just because you are present. However, I’ve compiled some of my extensive international online dating experience in this part of the article. If you follow these tips, you are sure to have a great start – and then the rest is up to you!

Choose a safe website, and build your profile

The very first step is to choose a legit online dating website, where you can actually meet women from Hungary. I have done the hard work for you, and you can check my recommendations on this page (at the top). These websites are very secure, and easy to use. The companies that own the websites have been operating for many, many years and are therefore very experienced in delivering the best international online dating experience.

Next step is to build a profile. I say build because it will likely take some time to perfect it. First thing is to fill in all of your profile information – such as height, weight, age, appearance, clothing style, physical character traits and much more. I recommend to put in all the information the site asks for. It will make your profile look legitimate, and when a Hungarian woman visits your profile, she can imagine what you look like based on these informations. Most importantly though, you show other people that you are serious with your profile. This should be done relatively quickly as well.

Once you have filled out the informations and your profile text, it’s time to add various pictures of yourself. Choose some newer photos, and take some, if you don’t have any – using old photos is not a good idea OR fair for people viewing your profile. Give them a genuine picture, so they can see what you actually look like 🙂 

Purchase a membership, and get ahead of the competition

This may not sound like the most appealing thing, but it is VERY important. It’s one of the best things you can do in order to GREATLY increase your chances of getting in touch with Hungarian women, and let me tell you why. The absolutely best thing about a premium membership is, that you can send AS MANY LETTERS as you possibly can, to as many profiles as you possibly can – and they can ALL read it, and reply back to you. You may be wondering – why not just find a international online dating website where I can communicate freely?

Well, these are the best hunting grounds for scammers and fake profiles. Without payments, the website and company behind will not make any money either – and will therefore have no resources to make sure noone uses their website for bad things. By choosing a legitimate international online dating website, you are also able to get customer service and help with the website. So, by acquiring a membership, you get far ahead of your “competition”; which is other men, trying to connect with the same women as you.

There will also be other benefits to having a membership. These can be increased profile space in search results, an ad free experience, more space for information in your profile, better search functionality and so forth – which is all great too. However, having the ability to send endless letters to all the profiles you can – now THAT is the good thing!

Send letters to various Hungarian women, and customize them

Now that you’re ready to (hopefully) purchase a membership, you must also take full advantage of it. The best thing you can do, is to write letters to many different Hungarian women, in order to increase your chances of meeting someone special. Some of the women (sometimes most) will not respons back, and thats okay. They all have their own and different reasons for not responding – which is not the important part either. What is important, is that you get multiple replies back – and how to do that? By writing more and more letters, untill you get some very nice conversations going.

Don’t send the same letter to everyone, simply by copying and pasting. A message like that will not be very successfull. Instead, customize each letter to every recipient. Include something that shows you have actually read their profile as well, and something that can spark a genuine conversation.

Remember – when you, at some point, get into a very nice conversation with a beautiful Hungarian woman and you want to take it further, you should stop writing with other women. It is a great sign of respect, and you don’t want to lead anyones hopes forward on false promises, or anything like that. Focus on the conversation that is going well, and make an effort to form a deeper relationship. I promise it will be worth it!


Peters recommendation

Peters recommendation

Owner at MeetForeignWomen

Hi! My name is Peter, and I'm the owner and writer (expert) of this website. I have more than 20 years of professional and personal experience with international online dating. I even met my wife on one of the websites I recommend! I hope this article will help you meeting and dating Hungarian women.

To begin your adventure, I recommend you try out the website SingleSlavic. You can meet hundreds of thousands of beautiful single women on there - alot from Hungary too. Are you ready to begin your Hungarian dating adventure?

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