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When we include a website within the recommendations on MeetForeignWomen, the website lives up to a variety of requirements. For example, we look at the amount (and how active they are) of members, your chance of succeeding, drawbacks, pricing and much more. The most important aspect being your chance of success with online international dating!

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International Dating Online

It has never been as easy as it is today, to find yourself a girlfriend or partner from a foreign country. The amount of website, services and online portals that supply this kind of service, is growing at an astonishing rate, and new ones are arriving every single day. How does one keep track of all these possibilities? How do you know if it’s worth acquiring a membership on datingsite A or datingsite B?

It is not exactly a new phenomenon, to date and find a partner in a foreign country. A huge help is the availability of internet, as almost every part of the world has some level of internet connection. On top of that, you have the possibility to travel to anywhere in the world as well, within a very short period of time…meaning that you can ‘easily’ date a woman or man from another country.

Read more about all of this on my website.

Caring Slavic Women


3945+ online

Alot of very active (and pretty) Slavic women
Primarily focused on Eastern European Dating
Very fast and easy registration
Can be used for free or paid

Beautiful women from all over the world


5999+ online

Very big site with women from all over the world
One of the cheapest premium-memberships
Members profiles are often very detailed
Can be used for free or paid

Sweet women from Ukraine


3476+ online

Beautiful Ukrainian women from all over
They are very interested in men from Western world
Sign up for free and see the nice pictures
Can be used for free or paid

Beautiful African princesses


5477+ online

Single African women looking for men
They are very interested in moving abroad
Most of the profiles have beautiful pictures
Can be used for free or paid

Uniquely pretty Russian goddesses


1949+ online

The sweetest women from all of Russia
Women in here are very active
Extremely easy to register a profile
Can be used for free or paid

Who am I – the man behind MeetForeignWomen?

My name is Peter, and I am approaching 50 years of age. I love adventures, and I very much enjoy the possibilities presented by the internet – and visiting as many countries as I can.

On 3 occasions I have lived and worked in a foreign country (Czech Republic, Ukraine and in Berlin). I’m working as a freelancer, and I enjoy sharing my experiences, tips and recommendations – especially if something has worked well for myself. I have dated women from different countries around the world, which I have also found on some of the website I’m recommending on here. I’ve also been on dates as part of my vacations, setting the up before I arrive.

I have made this website to share my experiences, hoping that someone (you) can use just a little of this information which I provide.
Professionally I have worked with and in rather large online-dating companies, and I have acquired a lot of knowledge on what makes an international online dating website good and worth your time.

I’m aware that this industry sometimes is the home of companies that are exclusively interested in “taking” your money, and then providing you with little to no value – e.g. fake dating profiles etc. There are also plenty of scammers taking advantage of people, claiming to be something they are not, in order to trick money out of the victim’s pocket.

Luckily these examples are not the common theme, and if you follow my tips and recommendations, you can easily have the time of your life!



Owner at MeetForeignWomen

Hi, I'm Peter. I am the owner and writer of all information you will find here on this website. Throughout my life I have travelled all over the world, and I want to share all of my knowledge with you, on where you can start meeting women from different countries.

Meet women worldwide – from the comfort of your own home

Every year, thousands and thousands of people from different countries meet each other. They form strong relationships, enjoy life with each other and form futures together. How come so many people meet each other across countries?

Ofcourse there is not just one reason for this – there are as many reasons, as there are people doing it. One important reason is, that it gets easier for alot of people to access the internet. Even the remotes villages in Africa or on remote island in the Philippines can have some form of internet access. They can then enjoy the fruits of the internet, which also includes registering on international dating websites.

It is no secret that alot of women from 3rd world countries, or countries with limited opportunities, will seek abroad to enhance their chances of a greater life. Alot of them also do that by trying to find a male partner from one of these countries in the western world, where we have an abundance of opportunities (at least compared to 3rd world countries, which is in many cases an unfortunate situation). There are also some people that will try to take advantages of this, in the form of various scams, or straight up exclusively wanting money out of the whole ordeal.

Luckily, there are even more women (and men) that are actually interested in meeting and forming a relationship with a partner from another country on the planet. For this there are many reasons, and you can find out more about some of them right here.

The adventure of dating abroad

Going on vacations or trips to another country is always an adventure. You get to see culture that is much different from your own. You get to meet people that are also very different from yourself, and they come from a completely different background and upbringing. Just imagine this. You get in touch with a women from a small African or South American village, where she grew up without consistent electricity and maybe without running water. How different would an upbringing be in that environment, compared to your own? I bet it’s very different, and even a bit hard to imagine.

People from all over the world will have different cultures that are wildly different from your own. This has always been one of my favourite things to explore while I’ve been travelling. I love to see people that are different from what I am used to, and to see how they get on with their daily life is a privilege. To see their values, interests even hobbies can be of great interest, if you really dive into it.

Visual preferences in finding a partner

It is no secret either, that alot of men and women has a certain preference, when it comes to finding a partner. Some will like the physical features of Asian women more than others, or African women for example. This is not a new thing either, and alot of people will actively look for a partner from countries, where they can find women or men of their exact taste. 

And this is naturally completely fine. I think most of us has seen women or men from countries or cultures far away from our own, and thought of the people as being “exotic” in a way. They are “different” (in appearence) from ourself, and it is completely natural to get curious and want to pursue it even further.

Not having “success” in your own country

There are also many people who can’t find a partner in their own country, that will have better success if looking outside of their own borders. The “exotic” part mentioned above is also a factor in this. You will also be an exotic person to someone that is far away, and has a completely different culture and/or upbringing than you did. This is also completely natural of course, and a thought that comes to mind, is: Why not pursue it, if you have the possibility to do so? 

Thats what I did and have done more than once, and I have never had any regrets in this part. Check out my different articles on the site, to get inspiration, and where to meet foreign women from all over the world!

Want to meet African Women?

Then now is your time. There has never been more women from Africa with access to the internet – and there has therefore never been more african women on international dating websites. I’d recommend you trying out AfroIntroductions in order to meet african women. There are hundreds and hundreds of new single women registering every week, and they are all looking for a man from another country. Otherwise they wouldn’t be on an international dating site, right?

Would you rather meet Polish women?

Then now is definitely also the time to do that. You have never had bigger chances of meeting Polish women than you do now. Pretty much everyone in Poland has internet access, and it is quite fast too. Alot of Polish women are actively looking for men from abroad to get in touch with, and hopefully establish a relationship. Take advantage of this opportunity – and maybe you will find the women of your dreams in Poland, just waiting for you?

Want to meet Ukrainian women instead?

Then now is your chance. You have the ability to potentially get in touch with thousands of single ukrainian women – all on one single international dating website. (You probably don’t need that many, though). If you want to read more about Ukrainian women, how to meet them, what they are like and much more, follow the button below. You will absolutely not regret getting in touch with a beautiful Ukrainian women – who knows, maybe you can even form a loving relationship?

Or are you more into Thai women?

Thai women are very popular amongst men from all over the world – and with good reason, I would say. So if you want to get in touch with a beautiful woman from Thailand, you should grab the chance now. Click on the button below to read more about them, where the best places to meet thai women is and much more. What are you waiting for?